Adorable Options For Gender-Neutral Baby Gifts

Your best girlfriend is over the moon about having her first child, but she’s keeping the gender a surprise. You have to step outside the world of traditionally colored gifts—pink layettes for girls, blue booties for boys—because this requires something unique! Baby Aspen’s adorable options for gender-neutral baby gifts will have you covered.

Our gender-neutral baby clothes are available in so many design options and comfortable materials, from terrycloth to velour to cotton! Perfect for that gender neutral baby shower gift, Baby Aspen’s clothes, shoes, and gift sets are original and one-of-a-kind, in addition to being adorably appealing for both boys and girls. Cozy and delightful, they’re sure to please both baby and mommy.

“Sock Safari” Four-Pair Animal-Themed Sock Set

Adorable Options For Gender-Neutral Baby Gifts1

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Monkeys swing! Zebras run! Jungle babies all have fun! Giraffes and elephants join in, too! It’s just what babies love to do! And they all do it wearing wildy adorable animal-print socks! Outfit your new little explorer with Baby Aspen’s Sock Safari–pointing tiny toes in the right direction!

Woodland Fox Bottle Buddy

Adorable Options For Gender-Neutral Baby Gifts2

Combine bottle time with cuddle time using Baby Aspen’s Woodland Fox Bottle Buddy! The plush baby bottle holder features a soft fox on the front, and is crafted using low pile velour. This gender neutral baby shower gift is perfect for any little one with a rustic or woodland themed nursery. It washes easily with machine wash cold and tumble dry low care. Packaged with a bottle-shaped header card, you’ll see just how the bottle buddy fits on your little one’s bottle before you even put it to use!

Lion Diaper Caddy Organizer

Adorable Options For Gender-Neutral Baby Gifts3

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Baby Aspen’s Lion Diaper Caddy Organizer will save mom from saying “Roooar! I cannot find my diaper rash cream.” Do not let this happen to you or someone you love, instead, give the gift of organization with the Lion Diaper Caddy Organizer. Made of high grade felt with three main compartments and six outer pockets with the cutest felt Lion face on the front; Mom will have room for diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, and more.


Personalized Noah’s Ark Nursery Décor Wall Art

Adorable Options For Gender-Neutral Baby Gifts4

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Our Personalized Noah’s Ark Nursery Décor Wall Art set comes complete with: a giraffe and dove poster, an elephant and lamb poster, and in the center an ark and rainbow poster personalized with your child’s name! Not just for those with a Noah’s Ark theme, this animal nursery décor gift makes a beautiful addition to any child’s room. The set of 3 posters may be framed or displayed as-is, and can be arranged alone or as part of a larger animal-themed gallery wall! This biblically inspired gift depicts one of the most classic stories and pairs well with other pieces from our Noah’s Ark Collection.

Safari Porcelain Bookends

Adorable Options For Gender-Neutral Baby Gifts5

We’re not “lion” when we tell you that this is one of the most unique baby shower gifts around! Perfect for perching atop a shelf in any animal themed nursery, this pair of Safari Porcelain Bookends will watch over baby’s first books all day and night.


“My Little Night Owl” Snuggle Sack and Cap

Adorable Options For Gender-Neutral Baby Gifts6

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What a wise choice! Whooo can resist “My Little Night Owl,” Baby Aspen’s dreamy snuggle sack? It’s almost too cute for words, but we’ll find some! How about unique? Adorable? Huggable? The bright spot at the baby shower? And, of course, the most original baby gift a new mom and dad can receive! Why not send the best to their nest? 

My First Milestone Baby Age Decorative Pillow

Adorable Options For Gender-Neutral Baby Gifts7

With a pillow and plush marker, Baby Aspen’s My First Milestone Baby Age Decorative Pillow marks every milestone with an adorable photo op! This white velour pillow features a gold lame crown on top, and 12 pockets represent every month of the first year of baby’s life.


Sailboat Wall Organizer

Adorable Options For Gender-Neutral Baby Gifts8

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Keep toys, clothes, diapers, books, and other items organized and ready to go with our Sailboat Wall Organizer! This hanging organizer is made from woven nylon, with a nautical motif and optional personalization to turn this room decoration into a truly special personal gift. While perfect storage for a boy’s room, the nautical theme works beautifully in any gender-neutral ocean inspired bedroom, and clear vinyl bag packaging makes the organizer ready for gifting! Personalization comes in the form of 1 to 10 character thread embroidery.


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