8+ Amazing Ways To Wear Your Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts or tube skirts are a wonderful fashion garment, ideal for work, attending a meeting or going to a party. Its elegance and versatility lies in its length to the height of the knees (if they were longer you could not walk).

A garment icon that never goes out of style. Elegant and sexy, denotes a lot of confidence and self-esteem for those who wear it.

Nowadays you can find this classic urban garment with thousands of designs, and fabrics which will help you to mix all your looks, according to the occasion and your mood.

Here are some ideas on how to combine and show off your pencil skirts, and if you don’t have any yet, maybe you dare to try this extraordinary piece of clothing, which should not be missing in the closet of a modern woman.

Pencil Skirt With Blouse

A silk blouse is the perfect complement, so you look in your beautiful pencil skirt. Like Queen Letizia of Spain in these photos, you can also inspire an air of elegance and class.

You have to go to an elegant event, but you don’t have a formal dress? A pencil skirt with a blouse will make you the afternoon.

8 Amazing Ways To Wear Your Pencil Skirt1

Mujer Hoy

The pencil skirts accentuate your curves and call attention to your hips, you do not need to exaggerate with a very dramatic blouse, the skirt alone does all the work, you just have to circulate and let everyone talk about your extraordinary look.

Spanish Queen Letizia Ortiz during 10th Aniversary of Fundacion Microfinanzas BBVA in Madrid on Monday 29th May 2017


Pencil Skirt With Crop Top

With a super urban and modern touch, crop tops have given a total twist to the use of pencil skirts. What do you think of these two options to show off?


8 Amazing Ways To Wear Your Pencil Skirt3

Pepita Perez

By giving it a more relaxed air this is a heart attack combination with your stilettos, however you can also show off with your flats or sports shoes, depending on your day and your mood.

8 Amazing Ways To Wear Your Pencil Skirt13

Just The Design

Pencil Skirt With Jacket

Is there anything sexier than a leather pencil skirt? Yes!! Wear it with a crop top and a jacket! A jacket will make you look formal and at the same time is more comfortable and relaxed than an office blazer. Then you can use the jackets as an accessory combined with your skirt or with your shoes.

8 Amazing Ways To Wear Your Pencil Skirt4

Dressed and Perfect

Perfect for the city, keep this look in your closet, to go to the office or just move through the streets with all your glamor. Bust your outfit with modern sunglasses and an electric red lipstick, impossible to go unnoticed.

8 Amazing Ways To Wear Your Pencil Skirt6

Somos Mamas

Pencil Skirt With Turtleneck

The turtle neck makes your breasts look more voluminous, your neck thinner and with an exquisite pencil skirt your silhouette will look more stylized. There is no way to hide your curves with this sexy choice. Perfect combinations for colder weather, or for very formal office meetings, where you want to make your style clear and keep looking very professional.

8 Amazing Ways To Wear Your Pencil Skirt7

Revista Boutique Chile

Probably the most popular choice among modern business women, that chose to discard the classic office blazer. More urban and modern will reflect an image to your clients that you really know what you are doing and that you are the right girl for the job.

8 Amazing Ways To Wear Your Pencil Skirt8

Hola US

Plus Sizes

As we mentioned before, this skirt style is ideal if you want to highlight your curves, that is why it is perfect for those girls who have enviable curves.

Always remember that with this style the shirts can go to the background, the skirt being the protagonist and where everyone’s attention will be focused. Prefer flat colors above and textured fabrics below.


8 Amazing Ways To Wear Your Pencil Skirt9


A curvy girl and a crop top? Perfect choice for the reliable and modern woman who wants to demonstrate her empowerment through her style.

8 Amazing Ways To Wear Your Pencil Skirt10


Sexy in leather! Your curves will stand out with this pure rock and roll style. You can go to work and then go out with your friends, without having to stop by your house first changing clothes.

8 Amazing Ways To Wear Your Pencil Skirt11


Do you prefer more conservative styles? It’s easy just opt for a more formal shirt with less neckline. So easy and versatile that you can’t believe it.

8 Amazing Ways To Wear Your Pencil Skirt12



A classic that never goes away, nor will it go out of style, pencil skirts are the piece of clothing for excellence that can never be missing in your closet. We encourage you to try them, you already discovered that they don’t have to be boring, combine them with all your favorite shirts, blouses and shoes until you find the combination that goes with you.