Are Seating Charts The Next Big Thing For Weddings?


Have you considered a seating chart in lieu of escort cards?

Posted seating charts have been around for a while but they seem to be gaining in popularity.


There are a few benefits of a seating chart rather than individual escort cards. The seating chart can be completely organized (written out, printed, etc.) prior to the wedding day, meaning less set up on the big day. Guests don’t have to carry anything to their seat. Depending on how your organize it, it may be easier for guests to find out the others at their table.

For some examples of well-executed seating charts, read it and see it at Amanda Jayne Events.

3 thoughts on “Are Seating Charts The Next Big Thing For Weddings?

  1. Steph W. says:

    I’ve been considering this, but I’m worried that it will cause a traffic jam with everyone trying to look at it at once, or that people will forget what table they need to go to between looking at the sign and sitting down. Any advice on how to negate these drawbacks?

    • crazyforus says:

      One thought is to ask one of your attendants or family members to stand at the seating chart to assist your guests. They can assist the guests in finding their names on the seating chart and also make sure that there is an orderly viewing of the seating chart, for example by asking the guests to form a line if the area becomes crowded. As to the guests forgetting their table number, ask your attendant or family member to be sure to repeat the table number several times, especially as your guests exit the seating chart area to go to their table, then you shouldn’t have a problem. Also, we love your reception venue selection – it is absolutely beautiful!

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