The New Angeles Of Victoria. Who are Winnie Harlow, Lorena Durán and Valentina Sampaio?

The New Angeles Of Victoria Who are Winnie Harlow Lorena Durán and Valentina Sampaio1

After a series of unfortunate events that began with the strong statements of Ed Rezek, followed by the resignation of Karlie Kloss and finished off with the cancellation of the annual Victoria’s Secret show, the famous women’s lingerie company has begun to take an unprecedented turn in the industry. And as a first look at […]

Let’s Start To Get Spooky With These Early Halloween Ideas


Halloween is around the corner, and we have to be careful if we don’t want to be taken by surprise. We are going to show great ideas to decorate all around and provoke some goosebumps to the neighbors. Take your Jack-o-Lantern and follow us.  Halloween is coming, the scariest date of the year! So the time […]

How to Organize a Stress-Free Engagement Dinner Party

So you and your long-time boyfriend just decided to get married? Are you two ready? First, let’s share this amazing news with the family, and what a better way to celebrate it, than with an Engagement Dinner Party? The celebration of the engagement party is the moment when the bride and groom to be will […]

Euphoria Makeup, The New Trend You Can’t Miss

There are many good messages in Euphoria’s first season, the HBO television show that has all the public euphoric! From the point of view of a teenage mind, issues such as drugs, sexual identity, gender violence, among others of current interest are addressed. Starring the iconic Zendaya (who doesn’t even need a last name) this […]

The Most Delicious Macarons Flavors, For You To Try Right Now!

Macarons are traditional French sweets, a kind of cream-filled cookies, made with egg white, ground almonds, and sugar. Macarons are not only distinguished by their delicious flavor but also by their fantastic colors. If one day you travel to the beautiful city of Paris, the capital of France, you will surely run into these sweets […]

7 Embroidery Tattoos That Even Your Grandma Will Love!

Embroidered tattoos with realistic effects are the new trend in tattoo studios, and they are causing a stir similar to what watercolor tattoos once had. The designs of embroidered tattoos are so detailed, that they really achieve the realistic effect of having threads cooked to your skin, it’s just amazing. A very good optical illusion artwork. […]