Fun Potted Plants For Your Wedding Decor

Everyone loves fresh flowers at a wedding—but what about potted plants? They can add a fresh and unexpected look to your decor, (very unexpected) What’s even better, potted plants don’t end up in the trash can at the end. You can take them back home, or give it to your guests, as a souvenir or […]

Fantasy Mardi Gras Makeup Ideas

New Orleans never needs an excuse to celebrate, but Mardi Gras is the top one of the year ( it’s a month-long celebration) The official day this year is February 25th. New Orleans is recognized worldwide as the city of jazz, for its Cajun and Creolé cuisine and it’s French Quarter; However, the celebration of […]

Your Spring Break Tropical Destination, According To Your Favorite Color

Don’t think too much and answer quickly, what is your favorite color? Your answer says a lot about your personality, how your mind works, and what others may think about you. It also tells a bit about your weaknesses and virtues. Like your zodiac sign, choosing your favorite color can help you make decisions, and […]

Perfect Valentine’s Makeup Ideas For Brunettes

Valentine’s day is coming very soon, and you must be prepared for the big day (or night). And you can not leave makeup for the last. Probably you have already looked for Valentine’s makeup ideas, but sometimes it could be hard to find great ideas that also match your skin color. Being brunette is amazing. […]

Floral Tattoo Designs For Spring, More Than A Cliché

With the proximity of spring, everything is filled with flowers in the environment, and in the fashion world, so it is normal every year to see thousands of floral designs for these times. Do not feel overwhelmed, and take advantage of the proximity of the season, to be inspired by the best floral designs, for […]

Cute Valentine’s Gift Ideas That Your Significant Other Will Love

Every year Valentine’s day, the day of love and friendship, is celebrated on February 14, since, in commemoration of the Roman priest, Valentine, who was executed on February 14 for disobeying the orders of Emperor Claudius II and celebrating marriages Secretly for young soldiers. Since then there are many samples of love and friendship that […]