Original and Elegant Ideas For Your “Something Blue” On Your Wedding Day

The blue color symbolizes the fidelity that the couple will give to each other, as well as love and purity. This concept is originally from Israel, where brides wear that color on a ribbon, which is part of the dress, as a symbol of their fidelity. Carrying something borrowed, something old, something new and something […]

Elegant Dresses, For Wedding Guests Who Want To Stand Out

When you are invited to a wedding, before you even start searching for your dress for the night, you must consider the dress code for the event. It is a beach wedding? an indoor summer wedding? a theme wedding? a casual wedding? or.. our favourite: a formal, elegant wedding? If the last one is your […]

Albino Male Models You Must Start Following On Instagram Right Now!

Albinism, is a hereditary metabolic disorder, which lacks the enzyme that is responsible for the pigmentation of skin and hair. In Africa people with albinism,  are usually considered witches, demon possessed, or sick. Although in the rest of the world the situation of albinos has almost always lived with their backs to them, especially in […]

10 Cactus Cake Toppers Ideas, For Your Summer Wedding

The wedding cake is one of the most important traditions between people who just decided to share their lives together as a couple. It is said that the tradition of having a cake at the wedding was born in ancient Rome, as a practice that would later become a custom. Back then, a bread was […]

How To Choose Your Ideal Swimsuit According To Your Body Shape

Summer aka: Bikini season has already started! Sometimes it can get a bit hard to find a swimsuit that fits properly and at the same time makes you feel comfy in your own skin. To that we add more pressure with TV, magazines, and social media telling us how we are supposed to look. Don’t […]

Exotic Dishes Around The World. Do You Dare To Try Them?

If you are a fan of travelling, you will agree that an excellent way to connect with a new culture is through their local gastronomy. But are you an adventurous traveler? Would you dare to try some of the most exotic dishes in the world? For some these culinary proposals are not attractive, for others […]