Find the Most Stylish Ways to Create your Wedding Menu Card

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Since the new wedding stationery studios have increased the pieces that are created for a wedding, designers have done incredible jobs in creating wedding menu cards that are printed or held on materials that make them unique. So if you’re looking for ideas that complete your wedding table setting or your wedding stationery, you found […]

Create a Wedding Menu that Impresses All your Guests

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If you are in the moment to start testing between restaurants and hotels to find the perfect catering, stop to read this that will be useful. We usually let the chefs impress us with their catering options and their best dish. However, these are the options offered to all couples who perform their wedding in […]

Two-Pieces Wedding Dress Instead of One, the New Trend!

Two-Pieces Wedding Dress Instead of One, the New Trend!

Future bride, you need to refresh your eyes with new ideas about wedding dresses that can make you look spectacular on your day! As we are back in the train of trends, we were searching among our best sources for some novel ideas about wedding dresses and that was just what we found. After a […]

Design the Most Unique Wedding Wax Seal for a Meaningful Detail

Years ago, the idea of ​​only creating wedding invitations to send your guests was left. Now many wedding stationers are in charge of creating complete wedding suites that include from the invitation or save the date card, the wedding menu, the wedding program and even the envelope to deliver the gifts. Among the novel things […]

Winter Brides, Are You Ready for Your Day? Don’t Forget to Refine These Details!

The last months of the year are to celebrate the love of many couples! We’re sure that many winter brides are in those last stressful days refining details of their great day. As a check-list, this article aims to list the important things that as a bride you must make sure you have. Although they […]

Find the Veil Style that Fits with You Perfectly!

The veil is one of those things that that all brides should wear. Leaving aside the tradition of a veil, it’s necessary to note that it becomes a beautiful accessory or complement but that it becomes perfect when it fits perfectly to the style of the bride that wears it. There are many veil styles […]