The ultimate guide to “Summer Skirts”

Girls, is your summer closet ready? Because you cannot miss a pair of summer skirts that give you a relaxed look but at the same time with more style. We have found some of the latest designs of summer skirts that you can find in many stores so you have a wide variety. Do not […]

Get style outfits by adding fashionable belts

We usually ignore belts because they are uncomfortable or not as easy to wear as a blouse or shorts. But they really are that accessory that can completely turn an outfit if you get the perfect fashionable belt. If in your closet you keep the most common belts that always combine with everything, you should […]

Easy ice pops with summer fruits, for the kids!

Moms and dads, it is summer and they will have their children at home for a couple of months, going crazy from now on. Probably one more disturbing thing is to be able to keep them entertained throughout the day without destroying the house, right? One of the things you can create and practice with […]

Velvet furniture to have a “Fancy Space”

Velvet furniture? Not so common now but bohemian enough, glamorous and old at the same time to turn a space into something fancy. If you take a walk in the windows of some furniture store, you probably find many leather options but they always have a special space for velvet furniture that is never out […]


Girls, beach weddings seem dreamy and unattainable. You may say that they are only for wealthy people who have the possibility of paying decorators that can mobilize what is necessary for the venue. But you are wrong! Sandy weddings can be much simpler to plan than they seem. Being in such an open space gives […]

Get the perfect Pride Day makeup, for this June!

Ready to celebrate the pride day this month? This is the perfect month to take out your colorful and exotic accessories to commemorate this month with the maximum of styles. It is the perfect time to honor the 50 long years of the LGBTQ community, visualizing the free expression and rights of all equally. Something […]