Awe-Inspiring & Unique Wedding Centerpiece Ideas – Part 2


This is Part 2 of our series “Awe-Inspiring & Unique Wedding Centerpiece Ideas”. From weddingbells: 

It’s all in the details: This is a phrase you hear often, and one with extra special meaning within the wedding world. A unique centrepiece has the power to transform your reception space into something personal, and bring some unforgettable memories to your special day.

With a wide array of options to choose from, you are not limited to the standard vase and floral arrangement. When juxtaposed or combined with unexpected pieces, seemingly simple objects such as flowers, wood and candles can become one-of-a-kind creations.

Regardless of which design you select, we suggest choosing centerpieces that complement your wedding theme or hold some special memory or meaning to you and your betrothed.

We’ve put together a list of unforgettable centerpieces that will get your creative juices flowing, and have your guests feeling inspired.


Remind your guests of their favourite summer pastime by designing centrepieces that resemble fireflies in a jar. These magical LED-filled mason jars are the perfect way to illuminate an evening reception.

Image via Etsy.


Are you a fan of natural decor? Rustic chic has never looked so good with these log flower vases. Relive that time you and your beau carved your names into a tree by inscribing initials and messages onto your wooden vases.

Photography by Jill Thomas Photography. Image via explore. dream. discover.


Transform a traditional floral centrepiece through the magic of coloured water — you can achieve a captivating presentation of vibrant colours by adding a tinge of food colouring or non-toxic paint to plain water in glass bottles.

Photography by Kelly Allison Photography. Image via Sweet Designs.


Elegant, romantic and unique, the sky is the limit when it comes to birdcage centrepieces. We love the idea of filling a simple birdcage with lit candles, which lends a warm and pretty glow to tables.

Photography by iZO Photography. Image via Boho Weddings.


We always love a quirky break from the norm. Give your centrepieces a playful spin by adding comic book-inspired captions.

Photography by Jagger Photography.


Are you a fan of all things bright, fun and colourful? Incorporating crayons into your centrepiece is sure to keep your guests — both young and young at heart — entertained.

Photography by Sugar & Soul Photography. Image via Love Toast.


Transform your reception into a winter wonderland by displaying glitter-dipped branches in the centre of each guest table.

Photography by Beth Shoots People. Image via Project Nursery.