Bachelorette Party Trends Your ‘Maids Need To Know About – Part 1

Your bachelorette party is a once in a lifetime event, so it should be an unforgettable celebration.

Of course, it’s your maid of honor and bridesmaids’ responsibility to make sure that happens. But if you’re worried they’ll just default to Vegas–or worse, a penis party in your apartment– we’re here to help with a little guidance. To ensure your last fete as a single gal goes down in history, we have rounded up some  fun bachelorette party ideas for you.

If dancing on tables in Vegas sounds like a nightmare, do yourself a favor and pass along this link to your maid of honor and bridesmaids.


DIY Party. If everyone in the wedding party is crazy crafty, there’s no better get-together than a DIY party. You could arrange for everyone to make jewelry or pottery and boom, you’ve got built in party favors that don’t involve penises.


Music Festivals. If you love live music, this is the ticket–literally! A music festival is a great way for everyone let loose and dance. Plus, it’s so much fun when you’re with your girls. Coachella in April and Gov Ball in June are great events.


An All-Girls Adventure. For some brides, boozing and strip clubs are not on the agenda. If that’s you, let your maids know you’d rather tackle the outdoors together. How about a helicopter ride, a hiking excursion, zip-lining or a ski trip. This is bonding at its finest.


Lingerie Brunch. If you’d rather not show off sexy undergarments in front of your mom and grandma at the bridal shower, suggest your maids build a lingerie brunch into the bachelorette festivities. It’s the perfect opportunity for your maids give you the gifts you would never buy on your own (crotchless panties, anyone?). The kinkier the better! Your hubby-to-be will thank them.

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