What can be better than a hairstyle that combines 2 of the most popular hairtsyles for that beautiful, flowing long hair: a ponytail and braids. Today we have a how to tutorial for a Dutch braid ponytail.

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Here is the DIY tutorial for the Dutch braid ponytail, from Barefoot Blonde:


TEEPiperlime // LIPSTICKNARS ‘Heat Wave’ 

Hey gals! Today I have a new hair how​-to and this one is a favorite of mine! I love tying my hair up in ponytails on days when my hair is greasy and a​ couple of days old​ or not working with me​. This is an easy way to spice up a regular ponytail! So here are the steps:

1. Apply TRESemmé Platinum Strength ​​Heat Protectant ​Spray​ (which will protect your hair from all the damaging effects from the heat!) and curl your hair – I used a flat iron for my curls! (T​his step is,​ of course,​ optional if you prefer to have a straight pony instead!:))

2. With a middle part, take one side and begin doing a dutch braid incorporating all the hair from the crown forward. Repeat that on other side.

3. ​ Mist TRESemmé TRES Two Extra Hold ​​Hairspray on the braid ​ to set it in place​ and then begin to pull each piece out making the braid look fuller and bigger. Do this ​on ​the entire length of the braid and repeat on other side. (​The hairspray will help you form the braid how you want it ​but with a flexible hold​!)

4. Grab the braids and remaining hair and tie all of it into a ponytail and then take a small section of hair and wrap around the ponytail to hide any elastics.

5. Once you have done that​,​ you can finish ​off ​by ​misting TRESemmé​ ​Smooth & Silky No Frizz ​Shine Spray ​for added shine ​and voila! You are done!

**Photos by Ashlee Brooke Photography