Ultimate Guide of Basic Makeup Brushes you Need to Get Started

Girls who read us and often say that makeup is not their thing, let us tell you that they are very wrong. They don’t need makeup specializations to run the minimum and perform at least the basic of every day.

We love to help you so if you are planning to start in the world of makeup, know that makeup brushes are your first and most important step. Choose quality rather than quantity and don’t forget to clean them at least once a week.
Check out the latest guide of basic makeup brushes and take the risk!

1. Foundation brushes
These are very important and if you choose them well you will avoid having lines on your face as if you had brushed. It is best that the tip is flat and soft but dense bristle.


2. Contour/blush brushes
This brush only has to be a little softer than the foundation brush to subtly brush the brush or your contour. It may not be necessary if your contour already has one that works perfectly.

3. Eyebrow brushes
As eyebrows, you only need the one with the angle cut with fewer bristles to facilitate the drawing hair by hair without it seems that you have painted the eyebrow with a marker. It must be of a very good material to support jumps between gel, water or dust of the products you use to make up your eyebrows.


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4. Powder brushes
These brushes need to be as soft and open as possible to gently clean the dust residue, without damaging the rest of the makeup.


5. Highlighter brushes
They are also told the fan brushes for their opening. It is just as they need to be to be able to diffuse along the face all the illuminator that you place, especially on the cheeks.


6. Eyeshadow brushes
Here we find it very difficult to be specific but you need at least four different brushes between the ones that you have the applicators and the diffusers. Among the applicator brushes, you must have many sizes, especially for areas such as below the bottom lash line.