Get the Bath Rug that You Didn’t Know you Needed!

There are many things at home that we ignore buying or we postpone for eternity because we believe that they are things that our mother would do but that we do not need. The truth is that those things that we do not need, can be the perfect decoration complemen if we need to improve the appearance of our rental apartment or something that we cannot modify. A bath rug fulfills that function too and we tell you why!

If for some reason your bathroom is in need of color, interesting shapes or some textures, we believe this is the best thing to complement it. If you get one that has an excellent print or catchy message, it will make you feel better, comfortable and happy to see it every day when you enter the shower. Even if you have a celebration at home, it will give you peace of mind knowing that your friends will be able to see cool elements in your decoration that they will surely like. You would be more comfortable with you and your home.

Here you have many of the cool bath rug designs that we found on Pinterest, but don’t doubt that many of you could find them in home stores near your work or home. When you choose it, let it be unique on its own, even if it does not combine in accuracy with the rest of the elements because that will make it more attractive and the slight difference will go unnoticed. Get inspired!

1. Wink, wink!

7. Bath Rug
Source: Pinterest


2. Cacti everywhere and for everyone!

6. Bath Rug
Source: Pinterest

3. Get na-ked!


4. Let’s hang!

5. Bath Rug
Source: Pinterest


5. Wing it!

4. Bath Rug
Source: Pinterest


6. Pinky shells!


7. You look good!

3. Bath Rug
Source: Pinterest


8. Papaya bath rug!

2. Bath Rug
Source: Pinterest


9. Peach clean! -our favorite-


10. The last one, squeeze the day girl!

1. Bath Rug
Source: Pinterest