The Beginning of Your Wedding Planning

Brides about to get married are reading us? We hope that the first feeling that invades them during this search is emotion and not despair. They will find a lot of information but there is no reason to be overwhelmed. We are here to help you simplify the beginning of wedding planning so you can enjoy it and not be stressed. Let’s start!

So if your wedding is going to be done in a year and you have time to save more money or in 3 months and you have the days counted, you need to be clear about your investment including everything you need for that day.

Which is the Beginning of a Wedding Planning
And if someone had already run into this meme, let us tell you that it does not apply!

The first thing you should do is DEFINE YOUR BUDGET.

It is important that from the wedding engagement, avoid problems with your partner and believe us  that the first thing could be to end up with a huge debt because of the wedding. Nobody wants that right? You don’t want to ask for monetary gifts to cancel the party DJ. The best thing you can do is stop to define a realistic number that allows you to make the wedding of your dreams without exaggeration.
You can find some templates for wedding budgets like this on the internet that even suggest you what percentage you should assign to each category. It is adjustable according to what you want but the best thing you can do is stay within the margin to avoid surprises.

Which is the Beginning of a Wedding Planning
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The second thing you should do is put together your guest list with that budget in mind.
You have to think that your guests may be out of the country and the possibility that they attend depends on the time you have to perform the wedding.

Following this, the third part of your planning should be to define the style of your wedding.
This is one of the things they always leave at hand of wedding planners but it should be a couple’s decision only. According to the style, whether it is something very fancy or minimalist, you could still adapt your budget – and you would be on time – and at the same time visualize the space necessary for the ceremony and reception.

Find a venue for your ceremony and reception, and set your date!
Be reasonable A lot of venues and vendors book several months to YEARS in advance. Your dream venue may not be available, so be open to looking at places you might not have originally considered.
Take the time to find the perfect one because if you have to take something into account it is that you must adjust the decoration to the space because it can no longer be modified to fit your ideas.

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Fourth thing, send out Save The Dates, like NOW! 
There is no more time to wait. Include in your card all the details that will make your guests want to attend your most important day.

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Finally, make a list of things you can organize and leave the rest for a wedding planner.
It will be your salvation and you must trust. Whenever you are clear about what you want and let them know, your wedding planner must fulfill your wishes.

And our last advice, EAT, DRINK AND BE MARRIED!

Which is the Beginning of a Wedding Planning