“Behind” the Scenes – A Guide to Wedding Lingerie

While most brides put their best face forward when hitting the red or white carpet, they may want to remember what mostguests see – their behind!  With body-hugging styles now the fashion, like mermaid and drop-waist dresses, a couple of tricks can help every bride achieve the perfect hourglass shape.

Here are a few tips to help brides find the perfect wedding lingerie.

With all eyes on her as she walks down the aisle, the last thing any bride wants to worry about is whether her problem areas stand out. A simple way she can put her worries at ease is by wearing a strapless bodysuit, such as Va Bien’s strapless low-back body suit with legs. The legs allow full range of motion and the garment will not creep up as you walk.  In addition, the bodysuit will not create a hemline under your wedding dress. Bodysuits will add shape to her frame, eliminate any lumps or bumps, and allow her to shine as the center of attention on her big day.

Mermaid, drop-waist, and other form-fitting wedding dresses can help to bring out a bride’s best assets, but they can also highlight a lack thereof. A tip for a fetching behind is padded panties, such as Nearly Me’s Hip and Rear Padded Panties. Padded panties help give flair to a bride’s natural curves and make the lines of her gown more dramatic.

Low and sheer backs are classic and beautiful, but figuring out the right undergarment that won’t be an eyesore if something were to slip out of place on the dance floor can be tricky.

Some brides might want to opt for adhesive silicone bras, such as Pure Style’s Girlfriends Gather The Girls Silicone Adhesive Bra.


Another option is to purchase a strapless bra, or other appropriate bra, based on the dress style, and have it sewn into your wedding dress while cutting off the band in back.  This way your wedding dress has sewn in support and you will be focused on less fidgeting and more fun.

However, if you tend to perspire a lot, a nude strapless corset bra such as QT’s Strapless Convertible Bustier Bra, is a better option. This way, there will be no chance that your bra will become un-stuck if you get a little hot out on the dance floor. This longline style also gives you a bump-free line down your sides, stays up more easily, and can provide some shaping.


Backless wedding gowns often give full-busted women problems because they limit their bra options. While smaller busted women can wear backless strapless bras to pull off this style, women with larger breasts simply do not get the support needed by these same bras. Bra converters, such The Natural Plus Size Low Back Bra Converter, allow bustier women to transform their favorite regular bras into a low-back bra, enabling them to sport backless styles while still receiving all the support they need.

Another great option for achieving a similar lower back look while receiving the lift they need, is to use a bra with an optional low back feature, such as the Goddess Lace Longline Bra.


However, some women are simply too busty for a backless wedding gown, and there is no lingerie solution that will do the trick to make their breasts lifted and perky. These women may want to consider a more flattering dress style, paired with supportive lingerie and shape wear to help them look their best.

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