The Best Athletic Wear For Your Body Type

Check out these athletic wear suggestions according to your body type; from Society 19

We all know that athletic wear is quite popular these days. In fact, most of us tend to turn to it even when we’re not exercising. These clothes have fun designs, they’re comfortable and can be pretty flattering if you choose the right pieces. Sometimes these clothes can be challenging to shop for, so here are our recommendations for the athletic wear that is best for your body type!

1. Athletic Shape

If you have a more athletic shaped body, it is likely that you have broad shoulders with a straight waist and hips. The best workout clothes for this body shape will be pieces that help show off your arms, shoulders, and waist, so racerback or halter tops are great options! For the bottoms, try leggings and flare-out or boot-cut yoga pants that can add length while also bringing attention to your waist!

The Best Athletic Wear For Your Body Type


2. Apple Shape

Apple or Oval shaped bodies are more likely to have broad shoulders, a full waist, and slender legs. Great athletic wear for apple-shaped bodies would be fitted V-neck t-shirts that allow you to move while also showing off your upper half. Capri leggings are also great for this body type because they help show off your legs!

The Best Athletic Wear For Your Body Type

3. Hourglass Shape

Hourglass body shapes are defined as having a slim waist with a proportionate top to the bottom half. Great athletic wear that will help show off your hourglass body is high-waisted leggings that extenuate your bottom half and curves while crop tops will help show off your waist.

The Best Athletic Wear For Your Body Type


4. Inverted-Triangle Shape

This body shape is best described as having broader shoulders, a slimmer waist and hips, a bit of a flat bottom end and well-defined, shapely legs. Great workout clothes for this shape are cap-sleeve tops that help show off your shoulders and arms, paired with slim-fitting pants, there’s no way you won’t look great!

The Best Athletic Wear For Your Body Type


5. Pear Shape

If you have a pear-shaped body, you’re likely wider in your hips with a modest waist so scoop tank-tops that will help show off your bust and cling to your waist will look super flattering on you. Pair tops like this with a wide-legged yoga pant to help show off your hips and flare out at the bottom which gives your lower half some length!

The Best Athletic Wear For Your Body Type


6. Petite

While being petite may not take on a specific shape for you, those who are petite are defined as being under the height of 5’3. If you’re on the petite side, try looking for workout clothes that won’t swallow you up or hang on to you.  Fitted tops, tanks, and leggings that meet right at your ankle are great!

The Best Athletic Wear For Your Body Type


7. Straight Shape

If you have more of a straight body type, you’re likely taller with bust and hips that line up with one another. Great athletic wear for this body shape is racerback tanks that help extenuate your hips and Capri-length leggings that show off your legs. Try not to wear the same colors on top of one another to help avoid looking like one straight line.

The Best Athletic Wear For Your Body Type


Always keep in mind that your body shape is excellent no matter what it is, and these are just helpful tips you can use to find the best athletic wear for you depending on what you need!

What is your favorite go-to athletic wear? Do you have any tips on how to dress more comfortably for your body type? Let us know in the comments below!

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