Best Decor Ideas For a Unicorn Baby Shower

When we think of Baby Showers, there are many ideas that can be put together in our heads. There are the future moms that prefer everything pink or blue depending on the baby’s gender. There are those who prefer for the opposite, a Baby Shower “without gender” and then we have the coolest moms, the ones who choose a Unicorn Baby Shower.

A unicorn is a mythological creature represented as a white horse with a horn in the center of its forehead. A unicorn is the main character of tons of stories and legends. In the Middle Ages, it meant strength and was considered a fabulous animal capable of defeating physically stronger animals, such as lions or elephants.

When we talk about a Baby Unicorn, we are talking about a baby whose existence in our lives is miraculous (more than usual). It can be a baby that came after many years of expensive fertility treatments, or a baby conceived of naturally when we had already ruled out all the options, or even a baby that came after many babies lost in the past, or the one who survives a high-risk pregnancy, in all cases it is a baby who fights with supernatural strength and is our unicorn, magical baby, out of this world, unique.

And what better way to welcome this wonderful being of light, than with a Unicorn Baby Shower, colorful, fun, and multiphasic. Take note of these original ideas to inspire you to get the best decoration for this magical event.


There is no party without the best candy table! Do not skimp on the best Unicorn cake, you can choose a typical white background cake with fondant details, or you can make it multicolored, the important thing is that it is shocking. Accompany it with sweets, cookies and unicorn muffins. The sweet table decorates it with colored tablecloths, large paper flowers and many balloons, background curtains, garland, and in the center a beautiful unicorn, you can do it according to the cake or mix different styles, the important thing is that it impacts your guests with your tenderness.


The Best Decor Ideas For a Unicorn Baby Shower

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Letter blocks are another popular element among Unicorn Baby Showers, they are super easy to make, they take up a lot of space so they are ideal for large rooms and are very versatile, you can accommodate them to form the baby’s name, the date of the event or any particular message you want to share with your guests.

Shape it with the colors you want, you can make a whole rainbow of unicorn blocks or work only with metallic tones.

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Balloons, balloons, and more balloons. A celebration without balloons is inconceivable, but a Unicorn Baby Shower without balloons is impossible !! The theme of unicorns allows you to make extraordinary creations with balloons, there are so many shapes and colors to use that you will not be able to contain yourself!

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In recent years, paper flowers have increased their popularity in event decorations, and we cannot deny they are elegant, romantic and fun and when they are handmade, personalized it is impossible not to notice the quality in their elaboration. The paper flowers are inevitable for a unicorn crown, for decorations around the candy table, in the curtains, entrances, at the tables, finally throughout the premises, thus creating that magical atmosphere that you wish to convey to your guests.

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Along with balloons, party garlands are other popular elements in a celebration. For your Unicorn Baby Shower, you can choose beautiful garlands with unicorn faces, you can make them in felt, fabric or print them on vinyl, or you can make delicate tulle garlands with different pastel colors, you can add stars to create an even more magical atmosphere.