Best Foods for Outdoor Weddings

If you are planning an outdoor wedding in a warm weather climate, you might want to consider how it will affect the menu.

A lot goes into planning for the big day and when it comes to catering, choosing the perfect foods for your reception is no easy fare. Outdoor weddings call for light, bright and refreshing foods that your guests can enjoy with fruity cocktails and tasty beverages.  Weddings are memories we will never forget, so making sure that everything goes according to plan is key. We are going to help guide you through some of the best foods for your outdoor weddings, so that guests and family alike will be talking about your reception for years and years to come.

Keep it light but satisfying

Outdoor weddings call for nothing more than light finger foods and bright dishes to accompany the eclectic atmosphere that you set for your reception.  Finger foods are a great way to satisfy your guests without getting them too full for the main course.

Great options for cocktail hour include shrimp, crackers, cheese, miniature quiches, sushi, cucumber sandwiches, smoked salmon and all types of fruits or vegetables. Since warm temperatures and fresh air will accompany your wedding, you will want to serve light foods that guests can consume while mixing and mingling. Light and cool appetizers can help guests cool down during your cocktail hour and allow them to properly prepare for the main course without stuffing their stomachs with heavy, hearty foods.


Outdoor Style Entrees

Outdoor weddings call for the grill.  So implement that into your wedding party witn grilled seafood, meat and vegetables. The great thing about incorporating the grill into your entrées is the variety of options you can serve.  If you want to stick to a lighter fare, your best bet is to incorporate fish, seafood and chicken breasts. Great fishes for Outdoor weddings include tilapia, basa and the always-favorite salmon. Trying to include fruity flavors like lime, salsa and other zesty marinades will prove to add an exciting kick to your grilled foods.  Providing your guests with fresh and fruity flavors will accompany the fresh air and warm sunshine that graces your beautiful day.


Alternatives to traditional wedding cake

Though it is a custom to serve wedding cake at most receptions, more and more couples these days are continuing to switch up desserts. After exceptional appetizers and entrees, your guest’s need that sugar kick that will have them letting loose on the dance floor. When the idea of traditional wedding cake begins to bore you, know that you certainly aren’t the only one that thinks that. Some awesome alternatives to wedding cakes are: cake pops, candy bars, chocolate fondue machines, old-fashioned cookies, pie, fresh fruit, ice cream sundaes and sorbet.  When it comes to after dinner treats, it’s safe to say we should stop counting calories.  Splurge all you want, because your guests will be just as happy as you are when they see the wealth of sweets on display.


Although we try to make wedding planning as stress-free as possible the reality is that it takes a lot of time, thought, and money. When you set the date for a spectacular outdoor day or evening, take some of the aforementioned ideas into consideration and your guests will be exiting your reception in absolute food heaven.

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