Best Ideas To Throw a Backyard Wedding

A Backyard Wedding can be as fun and beautiful as any wedding. It can also be more magical if you choose the right decor and favor items to set the mood. A garden is one of the most charming spaces to get married. But it also requires taking care of many details. Break down the walls and welcome these simple and elegant proposals. It is time to organize the wedding and take a walk in the garden.

The personality of the couple and the location to get married are two of the aspects that are most involved in the planning of a wedding. Celebrating your marriage in a garden is a lovely option, but you have to consider a few details. Just as it seems obvious to integrate natural elements in their wedding invitations so that they are aligned with the concept of this, even the menu they select deserves to be adapted if they will marry in a garden. And not to mention the decoration: wedding centerpieces, furniture and even the surprises that will be included in your wedding memories should breathe the same freshness.

Every detail must walk in the same direction so that their expectations and those of their guests are exceeded. Do you want to make this an unforgettable event?

Flowers & Greenery Everywhere

Nature always fits anywhere and themed bridal, but speaking of weddings in gardens, flowers, trees and all kinds of plants is essential in decoration. Design centerpieces with flowers that extend like roads and frame the main table with a dense arch of leaves, flowers, and lights. They can also upholster corridors with vines or hatch guides with flowers that paint the handrails of the stairs.

Extend the garden towards the track and allow the nature of an inverted garden to rush from the roof; This will create a very natural and extremely romantic atmosphere. Nature does not only appear in the natural bridal bouquet or in the crown of the hairstyle with braids of the bride. They can create sublime decorations that further raise the authentic atmosphere.

Defined Palette Color

The color palette plays an important role in a wedding. Even if they decide not to choose a thematic color, it is important that there is a combination of shades that give color to your event. Open spaces are usually a burst of colors, so it is likely that, when planning your outdoor wedding, you will be tempted to combine very different colors. However, be able to select only a few and concentrate your efforts on them. Stronger colors are dimmed with softer colors to create contrasts or gradients.

Dress The Wedding With Fabrics

Fabrics will always bring glamor and elegance to your link. Combine the different textures and hues of the fabrics that will cover or decorate the interior of the event. Use the same color palette as in the rest of your wedding: chairs, tables, styling details and even the dresses for garden parties that will be worn by the bridesmaids.

Small Chic Corners

They distribute the different seasons and activities that they have contemplated to pamper and entertain the guests through different points of the garden. To the welcome table where they will place the book of signatures, to the photo booth and to the table of sweets for wedding other spaces can be added so that the guests coexist more.

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Let’s Turn The Lights On

Natural lighting will give a different touch to daytime photo shoots, but with meticulous night lighting that adds to the light of the stars and the moon, you can create an enviable and very photogenic atmosphere! In addition, they will have a photo album rich in shots and with a great variety of tones and colors to choose from. Feel the caress of the sun’s rays and the freshness of the breeze will wrap the day with romanticism and lots of magic.

Roll up light guides to the trunk of the largest tree in the garden or place paper lamps to light trails. You can also hire the service of parts with lighting such as the letters XXL or arcs of light. With a decorative candle, you will get cheap and original wedding centerpieces and decorating the bride and groom’s table with luminous series or curtains will also give you a lovely result.

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