16 Beautiful Rooms That Prove Black Walls Are Totally Accessible

Here you have 16 beautiful rooms that prove black walls are totally accessible; from Apartment Therapy

As much as we love bold paint colors and artful wallpaper, there’s something just so good about plain black walls. They’re luxe-looking, moody in the best way possible, and work in both minimalist and maximalist spaces. Better yet, dark walls are less likely to show wear and tear (does anyone else feel like they spend way too much time purchasing and repurchasing Magic Erasers?!). Here are 16 black rooms that might convince you to join the dark side.

(Image Credit: Amanda Garvin)

Sleek Sleep Sanctuary

What’s black, white, and totally awesome all over? The master bedroom above, which Amanda Garvin of A Crafted Passiondesigned in just six weeks. What was previously a carpeted space with white walls now looks high-end and sleek. White furniture keeps the space open, while the black drawer pulls call back to the moody walls.

(Image Credit: Paul Ferney)

Pitch Black Bedroom

How cozy is this sleeping space? Blogger Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day, as profiled on A Cup of Jo, has one of the most peaceful, chic bedrooms we’ve ever seen—and it totally makes us want to curl up for a nap. The addition of a dark bedspread makes the space feel extra zen.

(Image Credit: Scott & Kim Vargo)

Modern and Fresh Master

By keeping decor minimal, Scott and Kim Vargo of Yellow Brick Home let their bedroom’s black walls do the talking. Warm, modern wood tones keep the space fresh, and the green accent chair helps mix things up.

(Image Credit: Meghan Klein)

Dark Dining Nook

Black walls can work in any room of the home, dining nooks included. Joanna Hawley of Jojotastic styled the prettiest eating space, with black bistro chairs that complement her choice of paint. Cozy throws add a trendy, laid-back touch.

(Image Credit: Kylie M. Interiors)

Work From Home Haven

This stylish home office, belonging to Kylie of Kylie M. Interiors, underwent a major makeover before it became the room it is today. The dark black walls work wonderfully in this light-filled space.

(Image Credit: Gwen Hefner)

A Pop of Print

Gwen Hefner of The Makerista designed this stunning dining room, which combines several of our favorite things—beautiful black walls, an oriental rug, and of course, an essential pop of animal print. Black Windsor chairs finish off the space.

(Image Credit: Tracey Jazmin)

Tasteful and Trendy

A tulip dining table, Eames-style chairs, and a modern globe pendant light keep Diana and James’s dining room feeling fresh. Greenery—be it real or faux—is also an ideal way to soften a dark space.

(Image Credit: Jenni Holmes)

Be Our Guest

Mix and match favorite prints (like the gingham and stripes seen here) within the same color scheme for a look that’s cohesive but not at all bland. Jenni Holmes of Dear Lillie designed this guest bedroom with lots of black and white flair.

(Image Credit: Kimberly Duran)

Hue Happy

Colorful pieces like a bright campaign dresser or an abstract print can absolutely still work in a room with black walls. In fact, they make an even greater impression against such a dramatic backdrop! Kimberly Duran of Swoon Worthy knocked it out of the park with her bedroom styling.

(Image Credit: Annie Diamond)

Prints Charming

Grouping together black and white photos or prints makes for a classic, clean-looking display. This setup looks even nicer against solid black walls—and we love how Annie Diamond of Most Lovely Things opted to lean her frames on floating shelves for a more laid back look that she can rearrange at any time.

(Image Credit: Bari J.)

Layer With Art

Bari and Kevin’s Arizona home seems to be filled with every gorgeous print imaginable, so of course their plain black walls needed a little bit of pizzazz, too. Floral artwork keeps this space cheery and welcoming while complementing the dark backdrop.

(Image Credit: Laura Metzler)

Black Built-Ins

Built-ins can be challenging to style, so we give Shannon Smith of Shannon Claire Interiors a ton of credit for making hers look so flawless. Shelving in older homes may need a touch of paint anyway, so why not opt for a dark shade to really amp up your space?

(Image Credit: Danielle and Michael Gutelli)

Pillow Party

Danielle and Michae Gutelli of Clark + Aldine quite literally softened this black bedroom with tons of throw pillows incorporating the hue. PS: how amazing is that scorched bamboo lamp?

(Image Credit: Allison Corona)

Don’t Forget To Look Up

Judith Balis of Judith Balis Interiors created a glam space that’s fit for a fashionista. The ceiling, with that sparkly chandelier and gorgeous wallpaper, is a true showstopper.

(Image Credit: Brian and Nicki Rohloff)

Mirror, Mirror

Hanging a large mirror on the wall or propping one up on the floor keeps a dark space from feeling too cave-like. With so many shapes and styles available, you’ll have a hard time choosing just one.

(Image Credit: The Design Daredevil)

Elegant Opulence

A stunning four-poster bed, the perfect burlwood chest, and a dramatic fireplace, oh my. This dreamy black bedroom is fit for a queen. A sparkly chandelier ties the entire space together.