Blue & White Decor Ideas For Your Hanukkah Table

It can be hard to find Hanukkah home decor Inspirational posts in December, that’s why we are trying to help you out a little bit. There are a few days left to start the Hanukkah celebrations, and we want to check with you all the table decor details you can miss. Are you ready?

As a tradition, many people choose to decorate their Hanukkah table in blue and white colors, like a stunning secret to crack a decorating code, and we can’t agree more. Blue is the color of spiritual peace and white colors mean peace itself. There’s no better color matching!

For years, decoration magazines and department stores have left Hanukkah celebrations at the end of the hall with a few candlesticks and a couple of patterned papers. Don’t let that put you off, your table in Hanukkah can look so elegant and glamorous as you wish. It’s just a matter of having a little imagination and taste when decorating.

Like any party you plan, you must order yourself before you start decorating or buying decoration items. You can choose a theme, a color palette or elements. As we had mentioned today we will show you different ways to decorate your table inspired by the traditional blue and white colors of the holiday.

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Blue and White ornaments, it can be simple plain color orbs to hang around the house like garlands, you can fill a flower vase with them an use it as a centerpiece.

Flowers! When decorating, flowers can be your bests friends, they give a more natural and comfy mood to any room, try with some white flowers, hydrangeas, roses, tulips. A cluster of white flowers has a purity and simplicity that exudes elegance. You can add some greenery to make them stand out.

Table linen must be used for your benefit when decoring. Use some white tablecloth, personalized some clothes napkins, and napkin rings to set a chic and glamorous mood. White plates, golden cutlery, silky blue chair covers, and lots of candles!!

Shiny random decor items. Yes, it sounds goofy but works! Silver, golden, glitter all are perfect for decoring the more elegant the objects, the more impactful the effect. There’s plenty of shimmer and bling to be had on this table, from the jewel-encrusted menorah to the silver footed fruit bowl.

Blue and white chinoiserie vases, on your dining room furniture, on your entry, on the hallways, as big as your entry door allows you to. They set an elegant mood, your family will enjoy so much.



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