How-To: Braid into Bun Sock Bun Tutorial


Today we have the latest in our long list of how-to tutorials for chic braided wedding hairstyles: how-to turn a braid into a sock bun tutorial.

Since braided hairstyles are among the most popular choices for wedding day hair, we have presented several DIY wedding hairstyle tutorials for braided hairstyles, including the rope braid updo the DIY hair tutorial for braided wedding hair for beginnersthe  DIY messy fishtail braid wedding hairstyle tutorialthe wedding hair DIY for the interwoven 3-strand braidthe the messy 5-strand braid tutorial and How to French Braid Bangs and most recently, the braided ballerina bun and the messy fishtail bun. 

Here is a how-to tutorial for a braid into bun sock bun, from Lulu’s:

Why decide between a braid and a bun when you can have both!? We turned to our hair guru’s in the studio and they came up with the perfect braid into bun look! This tutorial will get you ready to roll a sock bun and bust out perfect braids like a pro. We’re quickly thinking this may be our new go-to holiday hair! With gorgeous braids and a full bun, what’s not to love? Follow the easy steps below and you’ll be rocking one our new favorite looks in no time!


1. Part the hair down the middle and section each side just behind the ears.
2. Carefully french braid both sections.
3. Secure with a hair tie.
4. Make sure the braids are even on both sides.
5. Take both braids and remaining hair into a low pony tail and begin to start a sock bun.
6. Bring the rolled sock about half way up the pony tail and hold the hair up to allow it to spread out around the top of the sock.
7. Begin rolling the ends of the hair under and through the sock while keeping tension to make the bun smooth.
8. Once rolled-up to the hair tie, securely fasten with bobby pins and you have a cute pulled-back hairstyle for any occasion!