8 Braided Hairstyles for Summer Weddings Guests

Every wedding party has its princess a.k.a, the bride, but that doesn’t mean that you, as wedding guests are not allowed to also look spectacular. But there’s a fine line between looking glamorous and taking away all the spot lights. If you want to try some of the braided hairstyles for summer wedding guests, we have listed some for you to get some inspiration.

For a summer wedding, there are many braided styles that you can wear, from Beyonce-style lemonade braids to the classic fairy-tale princess braids, you decide everything according to your style and how much you want to highlight that night.

Always remember to consider the dress that you have already chosen, the color, the neckline, and the length; as well as the makeup and jewelry you want to add. If, in addition to braiding, you want to add some flowers, or pins consider lowering the tone in your makeup, almost always “less is more” and in this summer season a discreet makeup with bronze and terracotta tones will give you a natural and summery look that everyone will envy

But first… Have we ever told you how to make a root braid? It is about getting the utensils you need and leaving them close to you: rubber, forks, and a fixative, yes all these things are needed to get the perfect InstaGlam, but not any influencer wants to tell you. With these three things, there will be no braid that resists you, so getting a braid is much easier than it seems.

The braids are one of the perfect collected since they clear our face and are elegant, modern and super flattering. The ideal hairstyle for a celebration!

We can find many types of them and a multitude of variations on them, from the most informal to the most sophisticated, such as the one we propose below. You should not worry about the length of your hair since today there are perfect hairpieces and extensions to be able to wear them with all tranquility. As you will see, in the photos that we propose you, the beauty of the herringbone braid is that it looks with a lot of hair. Therefore, do not hesitate to resort to hairpieces if you think you need them because the result is certainly worth it.

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Texture. We are always talking about texture! Texture just brings a piece to life! It brings out the details and hides the imperfections! In this case, the textured wave of the crown is smooth and sassy, and the pulled out twists give it that full and thick looming hair everyone wants! ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #evon_hairstylist #behindthechair_com #behindthechair #modernsalon #licensedtocreate #beyondtheponytail #calledtocreate #calledtobecreative #leamingtonwedding #leamingtonhairstylist #leamingtonontario #essexontario #balyage #bridesmaidhair #texturedhair #bridalhairstylist #weddinghairinspo #weddingstyling #weddingwire #weddingmusic #girlswithcurls #fancypants #bridalupdo #romanticwedding #bridalhairstyle #weddingbraids #bridalbraids #weddinghairstyle #instaweddings #weddinglove

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The braid of herringbone gives a lot of play when choosing an original pick-up since we can find them from their simplest forms as in the most sophisticated ones. We explain how you can do it yourself at home or, at least, go testing:

First of all, brush the hair thoroughly and depending on whether you prefer it to the back or the side, divert the bulk of the hair towards the shoulder where you want to wear it or let it fall vertically.

Then divide hair into two parts, as if you were going to make some pigtails, and hold tight so that they do not intermingle.

After that, take a fine strand of the central area of ​​each part, pass the one that is to the right over the one that was left in both.

Last hold this first intertwined firmly and taking a fine strand of the left outer part, interlace it with a strand of the same part but of the right outer area.

Now, you just have to keep doing this until the braid is complete. Then, give it some texture with a fixing spray.


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Lemonade Braids (Beyonce-style)

8 Braided Hairstyles for Summer Weddings Guests1

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Updo Fish Braid

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Updo With Garnament Braids

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 Braided Half Updos

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Classic Princess Braid

8 Braided Hairstyles for Summer Weddings Guests8

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If you do get it at first, do not be discouraged! Everything is a matter of practice.