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The gift.What to get the bride and groom is the toughest decision for any wedding guest. (After what to wear, of course!)And at a time when couples are opting for cash gifts over registries, brides and grooms are offering less and less guidance in the gift department. And so, in the first of our wedding season series of posts for the party guests, we’ve been perusing presents, and brought you our pick of ten unique wedding gifts, that every couple will adore.


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Image by Michelle March via Southern Weddings

We were a little inspired for this one by Becky and Tyler’s porch seat wedding gift from earlier this week. A porch or garden swing with room for two is such a sweet gift to buy a couple for their wedding.

Whether you’re creating a budget DIY version, or splashing out with a carpenter crafted swing, this gift is not only romantic, thoughtful and fun, but it will create memories for years to come with a pride of place in the couples’ home.


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Prints by Rob Ryan

Buying a piece of art for somebody else can be difficult, but if you think you know your couple and their tastes and styles well, then a piece of art is such a heartfelt present that will hang in the happy couple’s home forever.

Choose a romantic piece that ties in with the theme of the gift, my personal favourite is Rob Ryanwho creates the most whimsical and poetic pieces of laser and screen print art.


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Photo by Nicola Thompson Photography via Boho Weddings

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Record Player from Urban Outfitters

The couple who plays (records) together, stays together.

Okay, we made that one up, but we’re standing by it!

A vinyl player is a fun gift for any music-loving couple embarking on their life together. Start their collection with a few choice records, and let them enjoy a lifetime of lazy days and cool tunes.


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Coffee Stencil from Not On The Highstreet

This is a cute little present for someone who plans on giving their couple a cash gift, but wants to add something a little bit personal as well.

From wine bottles to cake plates, look to websites like Not on the Highstreet and Etsy, for fun gifts that you can customise just for your bride and groom.



Photo by B Focused Designs


Couples love to give small plants or seeds as wedding favours, so why not reverse the trend and give the bride and groom in your life, a fruit tree for their wedding?

Beautifully symbolic, a fruit tree is the gift that keeps on giving – who doesn’t want to pick apples from their garden for their 15th wedding anniversary?


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Love Seat from Made

I adore the idea of gifting furniture for a wedding. I remember my aunts, and my own parents telling stories about their wedding gifts, and often the treasured presents which stood the test of time were furniture.

And while it can be difficult to choose a bulky item for some one else’s home, by selecting something like a love seat, with just enough room for two, not only are you giving a gift that will be used and loved for years, but it’s not to big and have heaps of  added meaning to it as well.


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Photo by TréCreative Film And Photo via Bridal Musings

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Notebooks from Smythson

I’m a list maker. I’m constantly scribbling down lists of things I want to do, places I want to visit, foods I want to try. And if there’s a pair of list makers in your life, a bucket list book is a thoughtful, romantic, and useful gift.

They can use it throughout their life to write down vacation ideas, baby names, a wish list for their home, as both a source of inspiration and a lovely keepsake of how far they’ve come. Choose a long-lasting quality notebook like Smythson or Moleskin so it goes the distance with them. The perfect gift for an adventurous or ambitious pair.


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Print by Bliss Bridal Gifts via Etsy

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Print by Karimachal via Etsy

Everyone loves a personalised gift, and the special thing about a print is that firstly, it’s probably not the kind of thing a couple will buy for themselves, and secondly, it’s a versatile kind of gift that you can pair with your particular couple.

Whether they’re music fans or sports fans, adventurers or foodies, sites like Etsy are filled with talented designer who can create something bespoke and beautiful, to hang in your couple’s home.


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Photo by Emm and Clau via Praise Wedding

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Camera via Urban Outfitters

Another gift that keeps on giving, a camera is such a fun and practical wedding present, giving the couple an opportunity to document their life as newlyweds.

For something a bit special that the couple might not be likely to treat themselves to, why not opt for a Polaroid or Lomography camera, so your pals can take unique old timey pics on their honeymoon?




Photo Markow Photography by via Bridal Musings

The best thing you can possible gift your friends with is great times and wonderful memories. So how do you wrap that up and put a bow on it? Put money towards an experience for them.

From cooking classes to surf lessons, portrait paintings to romantic dinners, look to sites like Better Ever After for ideas on what other couples add to their “experience registry”.

Are you married? What’s the best gift you received for your wedding? And if you’re headed to a wedding this summer, let us know what you plan to give the happy couple. 

For more wedding gift ideas, check out our ever-growing gift edit on Etsy.