Bridal Wedding Hat Ideas, For The Summer

Turn heads this wedding season with a stylish wedding hat!

If you are part of British royalty or frequent horse racing, you are probably one of those few women who can show off a large collection of hats. However, for the rest of us, this is not something that happens every day.

That’s why when you have the opportunity to wear one, you should not let it go, and what better time to show off, than at a wedding, whether you’re the protagonist or a guest.

However, if you have never used one, it can be difficult to know what hat to wear and how to combine it with your dress, but you should not worry. Here we bring you a couple of ideas so you can choose the hat that goes best with your personality (and with your dress).

You must take into account some rules of etiquette (which will save you headaches).

Your choice should balance your facial features. If your face is round, a broad or angled hat style will look better; On the other hand, if your face is long, a hat with a wide border will make you look more proportionate.

Bridal Wedding Hat Ideas, For The Summer2

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If you are a short girl, a wedding hat will allow you to earn extra height (besides what  you earn with the heels).

The color of your hat is very important. In this case if it is for your wedding, the winner by excellence is the white in its different shades, although you can also decide for your “something blue” with a hat that makes you stand out.


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For all those brides who are a retro classic style lovers, what a better way to wear a hat for your wedding, than with a coquettish white top hat.

Always with a feminine touch, a bit of white tule with applications embroidered around the contour, which at the same time work as bridal veil.

Elegant and exaggerated, for those brides who like to stand out in fashion.


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 Style Reins

The new bridal proposals coincide in incorporating fabrics such as tulle, plumeti or hairnets to these accessories, now also suitable for walking towards the altar

The bridal hats have become the latest fashion craze for the alternative bridal look. It is not unusual to find them combined with designs covered with lace and more austere silhouettes.

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Bespoke – Vintage Castle

We all love hats, especially, see them in beautiful pictures like these and show them off at the most elegant weddings.

For modern brides with a fresh bohemian touch, we suggest a wide-brimmed Panam hat with a masculine cut. You can decorate it with ribbons and your favorite flowers (natural or artificial), which may be the same as your bouquet.

Your best choise for your outdoor wedding!

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Green Wedding Shoes

If you like more classic glamor, a real hat is what goes best with your style, it looks like you just left the same wedding as Harry and Megan! It’s not a secret that Kate Middleton has made hats come back into fashion. You can also take them at your wedding, whatever your style. You can wear a 50’s headdress with a hat, feathers and a mini grid veil, or a vintage 20 ‘headdress with the classic oval hat on one side. Hat headpieces or ’60s style headdresses are also among the trend preferences at weddings.

Subtle and elegant you can use it without additional veil, since it has a fine lace that will save you this step.


Bridal Wedding Hat Ideas, For The Summer9


What is certain is that these accessories are ideal to experiment with a new bridal trend that, without a doubt, only the most fashionistas will dare to use.

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