Stylish Wedding Menus That Will Definitely Impress Your Wedding Guests


Calligraphed Placemat Wedding Menu

Photo: Kristyn Hogan

After your wedding ceremony, and wedding reception drinks, you and your wedding guests will look forward to a nice wedding reception meal. A well-designed wedding menu card is a great preview for your guests of the meal to come. Today we have some stylish wedding menus that will definitely impress your wedding guests.

Instead of individual menu cards for each guest, a budget-savvy and eco-friendly idea is to create a way to display the menu or menus on a larger scale so that you only need one or two displays for the entire wedding event, as we demonstrated in our 5 budget-saving wedding menu ideas and a great step-by-step method for a DIY antique window wedding menu display

Here are some stylish wedding menus that will definitely impress your guests, from Brides:

How you present your wedding menu is nearly as important as what dishes are actually on it. After all, we eat with our eyes first, so offering guests a gorgeous display from which to choose their meal is an important part of the reception experience. Whether you’re planning a formal, sit-down meal or a more casual buffet-style reception, spending some time picking the right wedding menu is essential. Not only will it inform guests of their dining options for the evening, but the right piece of stationery or display can help transform your reception space! To help get you inspired, we found four creative and stylish wedding menus.

The Placemat Menu
If creating a personalized experience is an important part of your wedding planning, consider custom-made menus at each seat. Above, calligraphed kraft paper placemats replace a classic menu card. For an even more luxe version of this trend, skip escort cards and have each guests name written on their placemat. Love this look but need it to work on a budget? Order an online template that you can print and cut at home to save big.

The Table Card
For a family-style meal, decorate with one or two menu cards per table, depending on size. Since all options will be placed directly in front of guests, they’ll really use the menu as a point of reference as they plate their own meal. This pretty calligraphed option is simple yet still elegant, and by utilizing colors that complement the glitzy tablecloth, the entire vibe is finished and refined.

Oversize Chalkboard Wedding Menu

Photo: Vue Photography

The Oversize Menu
If you’re having a buffet dinner or hosting a smaller reception with just a handful of guests, an oversize chalkboard menu is an ideal option. Place the hand-written sign at the beginning of the buffet line near flatware and plates so guests can review their choices before reaching each station. For an intimate reception, place the sign on a pretty easel where all guests can read it.

The Individual Menu
For a formal, seated meal, a printed menu at each place setting is ideal. Since guests will be ordering from your servers, it’s important to have the options directly in front of them. Plus, this classic navy option with neat white type helps balance the more simple dinnerware.