So He Thinks He Can Dance: How to Coach Your Groom Through the First Wedding Dance


Wedding First Dance Tips

Photo: Christian Oth Studio

Here you can learn how to coach your groom through the first wedding dance song.

From your wedding ceremony prelude through the dance music at your wedding reception, your wedding music is an important part of your wedding celebration, and choosing your first wedding dance song is an essential part of that.

The first wedding dance by you and your groom can help set the tone for dancing at your wedding reception and keeping your wedding dance floor packed

Here are some great tips for how to coach your groom through the first wedding dance, from Brides:

The first dance. Those few sweet moments when you and your groom are dripping in freshly wed bliss, intimately swaying to your most beloved song… in front of a room full of people. If the thought of this alone is enough to make your shy groom’s palms sweat, don’t panic. We brought in a professional, Amelia Meyers ofDance-N-Romance, to offer her seasoned advice on how to coach your man (or yourself, frankly) through the experience.

Keep it Simple…With a Twist
“I have worked with many couples where the groom can not dance or doesn’t even have much rhythm. First thing you want to do is breathe! It’s going to be ok, I promise! In this case you definitely want to stick to a simpler dance,” Meyers says.

Simple. Noted. But what does simple mean? “I would stay away from anything that involves complicated choreography. Do not attempt a lift!” she elaborates. Goodbye Dirty Dancing aspirations, sigh. “That being said, there are numerous ways to make a simple wedding dance one of a kind and special. I always put in a big grand dip for massive applause at the end. It’s a crowd pleaser,” she adds.

Encourage Him the Right Way

“Don’t say things like, ‘It’s going to be fine’ or ‘Don’t worry about.’ That’s just going to make them more nervous. Instead, try saying something like, ‘I’m so excited for our first dance together!’ or ‘How do you see our first dance?’ Phrases like that will build his confidence and let him know that the day is about him too,” Meyers suggests. And don’t forget to keep the sugar coming throughout the process, she adds. “The best compliment you can give your shy groom when he’s learning how to dance is how romantic he is and how special he is making you feel. If he knows that his actions are making you feel like the luckiest bride on earth, it’s going to make him want to step up even more. When he dips you, say how strong his grip is and that it makes you feel safe.”

Chose a Song with Meaning 

If your man has jitters, Meyers suggests you stick to a song that has significant meaning to you as a couple. “That way, when the music starts, a wave of calming, soothing emotion comes over him and he can’t help but smile. I tell him to look into his bride’s eyes while dancing so that they can truly be in the moment and it feels like it’s just the two of them there.”

Take a Moment Beforehand 
Finally, when the big moment arrives, Meyers suggests you take a moment to prepare. “Before you enter the room, give each other a private kiss, just the two of you alone, and then jump up and down in place a few times like giddy toddlers. A little sip of champagne couldn’t hurt as well.”