Bronze Yourself Up With These Makeup Tricks

We are in summer, and that means beach, sun, sea, the fresh air, and full days for relaxing. And the most important thing, the Summer Tan! Having some color on your cheeks and wearing a slightly tanned skin, contributes to make our features look smoother. Let’s be honest, having a slightly tanned complexion makes everyone feel good. You can make your skin seem like you are still on vacation.

Below we show you different products that you can and should use on your skin to get your summer look. Always remember that the quality of the products you put on your face is essential for your health and for the results you really expect.

Always read the specific instructions of each product, if it is a brand or a product that you are using for the first time, do not forget to try it on a small portion of skin, preferably on the inside of your neck, to rule out any allergic reaction. Also if it is the first time, you can buy the smallest presentation, in case the product does not meet your expectations or needs.


You do want to get tanned, but the sun doesn’t help you out. Instead of that “kiss by the Sun” tan you get the “red like a lobster” one. Well, now we have something call makeup that can help us  fake that marvelous tan that you want and so desperately need.

Without the sun burns and the damage on your skin because of  the sun exposure



 The warm colors give the impression of you have been in the beach for life. A foundation darker than your original skin tone, gives the idea of a legit tan.

ORANGE – Colour Pop

The perfect colour for summer. Orange is the favourite color of this collection. Colour Pop Me, also offers Sol Body, a lotion for your body that gives color and  a glamorous shinning skin tone.

TERRACOTA – Guerlain

The colors of this collection are warm and bronze enough to make you look like a golden sun Goddess.

The stick highlighters gives you the glow that you have been need all this time.


Can you see that glow?

ICONIC brings us liquid bronzers and highlighters  that completely left us  S H O O K

And now, some looks so you can get inspired and recreate them in this extremely hot summer season.

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