Pearl Pins, The Cutest Hair Accessories

Let your hair jewels do the talking. Using giant or small pearl pins and earrings, you can create a statement, modern look in seconds. This advice applies to any woman but we must note that pearls are the perfection addition to a bridal look and can be done ever so subtly.  These pearl pins match […]

Black Diamonds, a Different Engagement Ring Color Option

You shouldn’t cling to traditional engagement rings traditions! The best thing you can do is to attract with that mind the engagement ring that you expect so much according to your tastes and personality. Different color options of engagement rings exist and one of those are black diamonds. Among these, you can find stunning black […]

The Coolest Bridal Clutch Ideas for your Wedding Shoot

Have you thought about the accessories you will use for your wedding shoot? Beyond a special bouquet and extra shiny earrings, you could use a bridal clutch  that fits your style or you can choose it much cooler among the bridal clutch options with custom prints. Including a detail like this will break the monotony […]

Wide Belts, Welcome to The Fashion Trends List AGAIN!

The trendiest accessory fashion of the 2000’s has returned very strongly this year and we couldn’t let it go by without showing you how you could incorporate it with the most basic pieces of your closet like a black dress or oversized shirt. Pear shaped, apple shaped, inverted triangle, rectangle or hourglass -any shape you […]

Spring Sunglasses to Use Even in Summer

The best months of the year to enjoy the sun have arrived! This 2020 starts by premiering the best spring sunglasses that you can reuse during the next summer season without feeling a portrait. The latest trends in sunglasses are of slow death to go shopping and release them in the first weeks of spring, […]

Bobby Pin Hairstyles To Look Cute This Season

Bobby Pins are the fashion accessory newest trend and they are back. We are here to show you how to wear them without looking like you’ve returned to the ’90’s. Do you remember when your mother gave you a hairstyle when you were girls and the bobby pins were never missing so that hair did […]