10 Gorgeous Hair Accessories Inspiration Looks

Here are 10 hair accessories; from Styles Weekly It doesn’t matter what outfit you’re wearing or how stunning your makeup is, it’s undeniable that your hair is the finishing touch for any look. You’re never fully dressed without your hair in place – whether that’s up, down or in any hairstyle of your choice. Our […]

25 Ultimate Statement Earrings Ideas For Brides

Here are 25 earrings ideas for brides; from Weddingomania If you are a fashion-forward bride, the main accessory that should be present in your bridal look this and next year is statement earrings. Statement jewelry has always been popular but this year’s trend is about really large earrings – boho ones and glam ones as boho […]

20 Edgy Ways To Rock A Hat At Your Wedding

Here are 24 ways to use hat at your wedding; from Weddingomania Hats have been used by the brides for many years, these were different vintage models, several years ago, when vintage weddings were in trend, hats were on top, too. Now the hats are making a huge comeback but these aren’t vintage ones, these are […]

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25 Trendy And Bold Bridal Tiaras That Inspire

Here are 25 trendy and Bold Bridal Tiaras that Inspire; from Weddingomania Bridal tiaras were popular several years ago but now this trend is making a huge comeback as every bride wants to stand out and because whimsical and fairy-tale weddings are extremely popular. Some of you, gals, can say that tiaras are cheesy, they look […]

Don’t Go to the Beach Without These Accessories

Here are 13 accesories that you can not miss to go to the beach this summer; from Apartment Therapy Whether you hop on the Jitney to Montauk, cruise up the Pacific Coast Highway to Malibu, or jet off somewhere fabulous like the Maldives, there’s a good chance you’ll go to the beach at least once […]