Bachelorette Brunch, the Most Girly Way to Celebrate your “Yes, I Do”

Have you already enjoyed a bachelorette brunch? Doesn’t matter on which side you’re now that you read to us, if you’re a future bride or bridesmaid, you surely came to our article because you’re looking for the coolest ideas to start all that time of celebration before the big day. We say that a bachelorette […]

Get an Unforgettable Bachelorette Party in 2019

Get a Unique Bachelorette Party in 2019

Future brides are already running for their wedding plans. Time is pressing and definitely wedding preparations are an exhausting process that does not allow you to fully enjoy your last weeks of singleness and that is why bachelorette parties exist. Many things have changed and in 2019 these bachelorette parties have taken interesting turns that […]

How to Plan an Epic Nashville Bachelorette Party

Check out How to Plan an Epic Nashville Bachelorette Party, from Woman Getting Married, Nashville has become a go-to destination for bachelorette parties, and for good reason. There’s live music, incredible food, tons of bars, and everything you need to have the best girls trip before your big day. Pack your bags (and your boots!), […]

Hen Party Games: 15 Hilarious Ice-Breakers

Here is Hen Party Games: 15 Hilarious Ice-Breakers, from Confetti Finding Hen Party games that both break the ice and are suitable for everyone in the group can be a bit of a challenge. Still unsure what to do for your hen? Check out these fun daytime hen party ideas. We’ve compiled a list of […]

6 Epic Bachelorette Party Rentals in the Caribbean

Here are 6 Epic Bachelorette Party Rentals in the Caribbean, from Brides, When it comes to planning your bachelorette, there are so many reasons to consider the Caribbean—such as sunny skies, sandy beaches, turquoise tides, and awesome accommodations. Hotels and resorts are fabulous, don’t get us wrong. But if you’re traveling with a gaggle of […]

The Best Bachelorette Party Shirts (That Won’t Embarrass You)

Here are some bachelorette party shirts ideas; from Brides Matching shirts usually make an appearance on three special occasions—family reunions, grade-school field trips, and bachelorettes. Alas, the unfortunate truth is that in most of these cases, the bridesmaid shirts that force themselves into the public eye over and over and over again suck. They’re poor […]