Find the Veil Style that Fits with You Perfectly!

Find the Veil Style that Fits with You Perfectly!

The veil is one of those things that that all brides should wear. Leaving aside the tradition of a veil, it’s necessary to note that it becomes a beautiful accessory or complement but that it becomes perfect when it fits perfectly to the style of the bride that wears it. There are many veil styles […]

Check Out the New Enzoani’s Blue Collection for Amazing Brides!

Many women dream of the perfect designer for our wedding dress. If you’re one of those, you must be attentive to the work of many incredible designers and this time we have paid detailed attention to Enzoani. One of his latest collections¬†“Blue by Enzoani”¬†drives us crazy because his designs are spectacular. We have taken some […]

Find the Perfect Bridal Shoes That Can Be Worn After your Wedding Too!

Many of the things you buy for your wedding day will end up in a closet as “souvenirs”. And if that is not the case yet but you are preparing to make purchases stop and make smarter purchases like the perfect bridal shoes that can be worn after your wedding. This doesn’t mean that you’ll […]

Sneak Peak of the Worldwide Debut At NYBFW Bridal Market by Netta Ben Shabu

That multi-day event is approaching and we are just as eager as all the participants to see what beauties all designers will take to New York. We have followed in the footsteps of Netta Ben Shabu and we have a slight idea of what he will present to us during the bridal market. His last […]

Find your Royal Bridal Dress with Milla Nova

Many women pursue royal wedding dress designs because honestly, they ARE SPECTACULAR dress designs completely out of the box. And having a similar one is not impossible. We have listed images of Milla Novis’s work because it is going to upset you just like us. It has many designs, all completely different and you should […]

Romantic, Edgy And Modern Bridal Separates

Two-piece wedding dresses, or bridal separates, are one of our favorite bridal trends. They are very versatile and adapt to any theme, season of the year or location you have chosen for this special day. Flirty and fun, you can wear a sleeveless shirt and lace for a romantic summer wedding in Tuscany, a blouse […]