Dazzling Sequin Wedding Dress Options for Every Bride

Sequins are never enough when you want to shine, especially if it is for your wedding day. Choosing a sequin wedding dress is probably a risky decision but if this idea has caught your attention, ask yourself how much you are willing to shine on your wedding day. From this, you can decide how much […]

Plus Size Bridal Dresses For Your Dream Wedding

Plus Size Bridal Dresses For Your Dreams Wedding

When you are a curvy girl, it can get difficult for you to find a wedding dress that likes you and fits you all at the same time. Being that, a hard task doesn’t mean it is impossible, (don’t freak out). In the beautiful world of fashion, sizes between 10 and 26 are considered “plus-size”, […]

Get Ideas to Look Like a Minimalist Bride

To convey simplicity at your wedding without losing elegance you just have to take inspiration to see yourself as a minimalist bride and you will be right. Although minimalism is a movement, within this current many beautiful ideas have developed. Among them are wedding dresses that can definitely be worn by women who don’t identify […]

How To Combine Your Gown For A Same-Sex Wedding

While each couple gives more or less relevance to the elements of their wedding, there is no doubt that everyone wants to look amazing. Therefore, we tell you how to combine wedding dresses at a same-sex wedding. Even today there are people who still believe that in a wedding between two women one dresses in […]

The Eternal Seduction Of A Backless Wedding Dress

Are you looking for your wedding dress? Surely you already have in mind how you would like it to be, which comfortable bridal shoes will accompany it and which bridal bouquet is the most suitable to complete the bridal look. Surely the chosen one will get your attention for some detail, such as embroidery, a […]

Low Back Wedding Dresses to Show Off your Appeal

As the title says, choosing from the multiple designs of low back wedding dresses is the best way to show all the attractiveness of your body. If you feel empowered of your body and love all your curves and imperfections you can wear a lace that makes you feel comfortable. If you have a small […]