Chic Mani-Pedi Gift Ideas For Your Bride Squad!

Your bridesmaids are that¬†exclusive group of women that you have chosen to accompany you in the preparation of your wedding, all the way to the altar. Usually, this group is made up of friends and family members, all of them with an important piece of the story of your life. So it is very important […]

Something So Sweet For Your Bridal Shower!

Make your wedding, baby shower, or bridal shower scrumptious with the So Sweet collection. This collection of dessert-themed treats and favors make a lovely touch at any celebration. Light pastels and ice cream motifs provide the feel of a friendly tea party for a dream-like occasion. Your mouth is sure to water at this theme. […]

Create your Bubbly Bar to Enjoy with your Bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids will want to enjoy a celebration accompanied by drinks, snacks and many laughs during your bridal shower and for that you need something very important, your bubbly bar! The mimosas corner will make an incredible game with the decoration you choose and you can customize each element in it as you prefer. In […]

Get all The Mermaid Decor for your Seaside Bridal Shower

If your bridal shower wants to have a trendy theme and at the same time has that beach vibe, you can opt for a mermaid decoration that fits with the themed seaside items that you could find in our new online store Let the small details such as wine glasses, straws or goodie bags […]

How To Decorate For Your Bridal Shower This Fall

Your best friend is getting married soon and you are in charge of preparing the Bridal Shower? You have no idea where to start? Here you will find many fun and beautiful ideas How To Decorate For Your Bridal Shower This Fall, a party you should remember forever as the most cheerful and the last […]

Cheery Chic Bridal Brunch Ideas That Your Friends Will Love

Whether it’s a baby shower, birthday party, or just a gathering of good friends, this collection will brighten up your celebration with tropical favors and citrusy decor. Lemons and limes make a sensational theme for an exotic effect. The Cheery and Chic collection by Kate Aspen brings out the class of the celebration without breaking […]