Best Bottle Openers For Your Bridesmaid & Groomsman

Have those special people chosen among their relatives and friends to fulfill the roles of Bridesmaid and Godfather of Weddings? Well, these two people will carry many responsibilities during the entire process of your wedding and it is important and in good taste to have a detail with them at the end of the holidays. […]

Dress Design Ideas for Modern Bridesmaids

If you are getting married this 2019, your bridesmaids should feel that way too. They are your most important squad and deserve attention during your wedding. After the invitation to be your bridesmaids, the second most important thing should be to pay close attention to the design of your dresses. It is time for you […]

7 Non-Cheesy Curly Bridesmaid Hairstyles

If your best friend, sister, sister in law or even mom has chosen you to be part of her squad as that curly bridesmaid that completes the team, you should prepare ASAP the details! The hairstyle is one of the most important and this article has been written especially for girls who have less docile […]

11 Seriously Chic Bridesmaid Hair Ideas for Your Non-Basic Wedding Party

Here you have 11 seriously chic bridesmaid hair ideas for your non-basic wedding party; from Pure Wow Styling your ladies (or gents! or grannies!) is one of the most important aesthetic components of your wedding. The challenge? While you want everyone to look coordinated and #fancy, you don’t want the look to shout WEDDING HAIR […]

43 Stylish Bridesmaids Jumpsuits To Rock

Here are 43 Stylish Bridesmaids Jumpsuits To Rock, from Weddingomania Bridesmaids’ outfits evolved over the time just like bridal fashion. We’ve seen dozens of different trends popping up here and there in weddings from mismatched prints and colors to crop tops and skirts combos. Obviously, there will always be devotees of original and classic style, […]

25 Tropical Bridesmaid Dresses That Inspire

Check out these 25 tropical bridesmaid dresses that inspire; from Weddingomania Tropical weddings are extremely popular right now, not only beach ones but those in real tropical locations. We’ve already shown some ideas for brides and grooms to dress up for tropical locations, and now it’s time to take a look at bridesmaids. Here are […]