Chic Geode Wedding Cake Ideas

Chic Geode Wedding Cake Ideas1

The Geode Wedding Cakes trend is one of the hottest and most elegant wedding cake trends ever. It started in 2016 when talented pastry maker Rachel Teufel risked it all, and inspired by the rocky cavities whose walls are covered with minerals, such as amethyst quartz, gave this crazy idea a huge try in her […]

The Most Delicious Macarons Flavors, For You To Try Right Now!

Macarons are traditional French sweets, a kind of cream-filled cookies, made with egg white, ground almonds, and sugar. Macarons are not only distinguished by their delicious flavor but also by their fantastic colors. If one day you travel to the beautiful city of Paris, the capital of France, you will surely run into these sweets […]

Refreshing Birthday Cake Ideas for Your Children

Moms with young children, are your ideas for your children’s birthday parties running out? You who spend with them watching television daily, are probably visually tired of bumping into the same images and animations. The other day we ran into all the work of Isabel Prado. He has a career in making cakes, cookies, cupcakes […]

How to Prepare your Own Wedding Cake

Your special day deserves to have all the details perfectly planned. From the tiara that will make you look like a princess, to the wedding cake that your guests will enjoy as desserts. We always love to think of ideas that make your wedding original and this time we have caught some inspiration from Instagram, […]

10 Cactus Cake Toppers Ideas, For Your Summer Wedding

The wedding cake is one of the most important traditions between people who just decided to share their lives together as a couple. It is said that the tradition of having a cake at the wedding was born in ancient Rome, as a practice that would later become a custom. Back then, a bread was […]

6 of the easiest jelly cake recipes to try ASAP

If you like the world of desserts, it’s time you tried an easier way to prepare interesting cakes. Jelly cake recipes are our theme today for people who prefer frozen options or with less sweets. The recipes we chose for you can be handled in your own way to get the best flavours. Many of […]