The Most Fancy Wedding Cakes You’ll Want to Repeat for your Wedding

How many of you have seen the famous photo of the bride and groom behind the cake table and desserts? We, times and know what, we love it! Especially if it is a fancy wedding, of those that seem created as plastic art. That photograph becomes the perfect moment in which a couple of lovers […]

Delicious Valentine’s Desserts To Share With Your Significant Other

If you have decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the comfort of your home, it is certain that you already have the night planned, decoration, lighting, gifts, surprises, and dinner. To close the night, you should not forget an extraordinary Valentine’s dessert. What a better way to say “I love you” than with a sweet […]

Peach Cakes Full of Spring Vibes for your Wedding

We want to take the honor of choosing your spring wedding cake from ideas in our blog and that’s why we bring peach cakes as options. If you read us frequently you will know how we have approached the peach color as the best color for your wedding color palette, so following that same line, […]

Cutest Baptism Cake Ideas for Girls and Boys

The baptism is a small celebration that is shared with your closest family or friends and to thank their company is worth having a beautiful baptism cake prepared that everyone can enjoy together. In this type of celebration, simplicity stands out, everything usually looks very elegant and that’s why a baptism cake should look the […]

Pears Are The New Apples, Make Some Space For These Delights On Your New Year’s Eve Menu

For years, apples have been considered the star fruit, par excellence. They are easy to eat, they come in different sizes and an incredible variety of colors. Children simply love them, and we delight in their versatility in the kitchen, from a hot dessert to salads, drinks to spicy sauces. There is no meal that you […]

Last Minute Christmas Cake Decorating Ideas

Let’s talk about the Christmas cake that you don’t have ready yet! Haha we know that some days after this family dinner you might not have some details ready like dessert -which definitely cannot be omitted-  These days, probably all the bakeries are full of orders and they will not give you priority so, if […]