Wedding Cake Servers You Can Buy Now

Here are 10 Wedding Cake Servers You Can Buy Now, from Brides Sure, you’ve been to your cake tasting and have your wedding cake all picked out down to the very last frosting rose on top. But have you selected your wedding cake server yet? Wedding cake servers are a must for picture-perfect cake-cutting photos. […]

25 Beautiful And Tasty Vegan Wedding Cakes

Here are 25 beautiful and tasty vegan wedding cakes; from Weddingomania Veganism as a movement has seen a huge increase in popularity over the past few years. The lifestyle has been chosen by people who wish not to consume animal products, and more and more people are becoming aware of the incredible benefits that can […]

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BEST 10 Mini Cakes to Serve at Parties

Here are the BEST 10+ 10 Mini Cakes to Serve at Parties, from Top Inspired When it comes to desserts, the mini cakes are a great idea. They are small and they look adorable and on top of that, they taste amazing. You can make them with different flavors and toppings and voila, you have […]

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28 Christmas Wedding Cakes And Their Alternatives

Here are 28 christmas wedding cakes and their alternatives; from Weddingomania It’s high time to choose last touches for Christmas and just holiday winter weddings, they are a bit more special than regular winter weddings as the couples often incorporate Christmassy touches here and there, which makes them cozier and welcoming. If you are having […]