6 of the easiest jelly cake recipes to try ASAP

If you like the world of desserts, it’s time you tried an easier way to prepare interesting cakes. Jelly cake recipes are our theme today for people who prefer frozen options or with less sweets. The recipes we chose for you can be handled in your own way to get the best flavours. Many of […]

Unique Skull Cake Ideas for a Badass Celebration

Would you say that skulls are only for Halloween? I hope you do not think about it because skulls become a decorative element that never stops having that dark side. Lovers of rock music, bloody video games or any other similar hobbies, sure also like skulls that are usually part of the covers of albums […]

The Most Mouthwatering Summer Wedding Cake Flavors

Here are The Most Mouthwatering Summer Wedding Cake Flavors, from Brides, On your wedding day, you should get to have your cake and eat it, too—and that cake should be absolutely delicious. While vanilla, chocolate, almond, and even Funfetti are tasty and popular choices, we found 11 summer wedding cake flavors that’ll bring the season […]

Irresistible Cakes for All Occasions

Check out these irresistible cakes for all occasions; from Momooze We’ve scooped up the most unique and stunning cake designs on Pinterest lately. Whether you’re seeking inspiration for your one-year-old’s first birthday party, a spring-themed party or an elegant wedding reception, you’ll find the most imaginative and impressive dessert ideas below. Our drool-worthy round-up starts […]

7 Dump Cakes for When You Need an Easy Cake Recipe

Here are 7 Dump Cakes for When You Need an Easy Cake Recipe, from Better Homes & Gardens, No mixer, saucepan, or other special tools are required for any of these easy dump cake recipes. As you’d expect, each recipe is only three simple steps: dump in your ingredients, mix (sometimes you don’t even need to […]

Fruity Sorbet Recipes: The Essential Summer Dessert

Check out these Fruity Sorbet Recipes: The Essential Summer Dessert, from Better Homes and Gardens, What is sorbet? At its most basic, this refreshing dessert is frozen fruit juice and/or pureed fruit sweetened with sugar or other sweeteners. But it doesn’t have to be basic. There are as many possible sorbet ingredients as there are […]