Get the Kind of Christmas Treats that Everyone Will Love

When you have no idea what may be the best Christmas gift idea for a friend or co-worker give edible Christmas treats. Don’t you think that they would also make you happy or right about it? Who doesn’t love candy? Let those who say no raise their hands […] Ha! There is no better option […]

Sweetie Christmas Desserts for All your Family and Friends

Unexpected visits at Christmas increase and you have to be prepared to receive all the family and friends who arrive. The best way? Keep Christmas desserts options on your fridge so you can share with every surprise visit! Something as simple as a cake and some cookies could make things easier for you. If you […]

Best Christmas Cookie Recipes For This 2019 Holidays

With these easy Christmas cookies, you will enjoy the pleasure of creating homemade cookies without complicating yourself.¬†Among the advantages of making your own cookies: you can make them gluten-free using gluten-free flour, without added sugar incorporating sweeteners, and you control all the ingredients of the process. Cookies, in general, are not expensive products. At home […]

Wedding Cake Designs that You’ll Never Want to Cut!

There is nothing that surprises us more than the creativity that can arise from weddings. The wedding planners set expectations very high to ensure that the reception of that wedding party is impeccable and spectacular. We’re surprised how those standards have led many bakeries to become artists in creating wedding cake designs. The results are […]

8 Christmas Wedding Cake Ideas

Christmas Wedding Cakes are so important if you chose that theme for your wedding, Do not take it for granted and think wisely about it. What do you want your guests to feel when they see it and taste it? Whether you rather a trendy or classic, modern or vintage wedding cake it must flow […]

The Sweetest Carnival Decor Ideas, For a Baby Shower

If what you are looking for is a super colorful and cheerful theme, a Carnival Baby Shower is your thing! Carnival and Circus will be your inspiration to give that new baby a huge welcome in style. As in any event, its planning and organization must be done in time, to guarantee the success of […]