Theodora Quinlivan, Chanel Recent Star!

“My name is Teddy. I am a transgender woman. I lived my whole life as a man, but I always felt that I was faking it,” The young woman said in a video announcing to the fashion industry her real identity. Hours after making the announcement, she prepared for Marc Jacobs’ runway show and dedicated […]

The New Angeles Of Victoria. Who are Winnie Harlow, Lorena Durán and Valentina Sampaio?

After a series of unfortunate events that began with the strong statements of Ed Rezek, followed by the resignation of Karlie Kloss and finished off with the cancellation of the annual Victoria’s Secret show, the famous women’s lingerie company has begun to take an unprecedented turn in the industry. And as a first look at […]

Euphoria Makeup, The New Trend You Can’t Miss

There are many good messages in Euphoria’s first season, the HBO television show that has all the public euphoric! From the point of view of a teenage mind, issues such as drugs, sexual identity, gender violence, among others of current interest are addressed. Starring the iconic Zendaya (who doesn’t even need a last name) this […]

Queen JLo Just Turned 50, And Her Party Was The Event Of The Year!

The Bronx’s Diva enjoyed a night full of dances, shows, cakes and even fireworks. Beautiful singer Jennifer Lopez celebrated her 50th birthday with a big party in Miami. The singer celebrated her birthday on July 24 and, as expected, had a large reception attended by several famous guests. For the occasion, Jennifer Lopez premiered a […]

Albino Male Models You Must Start Following On Instagram Right Now!

Albinism, is a hereditary metabolic disorder, which lacks the enzyme that is responsible for the pigmentation of skin and hair. In Africa people with albinism,  are usually considered witches, demon possessed, or sick. Although in the rest of the world the situation of albinos has almost always lived with their backs to them, especially in […]

Our Favourite LGBT Celebrity Couples

Love is one of the most beautiful feelings that a human being can experience, nothing better than sharing it with a special person. The month of June not only represents the pride and perseverance of a whole community worldwide, it is also a month in which we celebrate love, pure and free And what better […]