15 Delicious Cocktails to Drink With Your Mom

Check out these 15 Delicious Cocktails to Drink With Your Mom, from Cosmopolitan, Your mom did something to warrant the title (hi, she birthed you), and she’s presumably been there for you during all the tough stuff—and the good stuff too. Bonding over margaritas = the best gift. 1. Shake Your Libations Matthew Tosh In […]

10 Tequila Drinks You Need To Try ASAP

Here you have 10 tequila drinks that you need to try ASAP; from Society 19 Tequila drinks are one of the most talked about alcohol drinks when it comes to tequila history. Tequila is very popular in Latin culture, it is very easy to consume, doesn’t require much. 1. The Margarita The margarita is an […]

16 Delightful Cocktails to Drink With Easter Brunch

Check out these 16 Delightful Cocktails to Drink With Easter Brunch, from Cosmopolitan, When it’s time to join the fam for Easter brunch, you generally know what to expect: a great spread, an egg hunt for the ages, a bunch of chocolate bunnies—and a delightful signature cocktail. Bring one of these drinks to the table […]

15 Tasty Mint Cocktails That Beat Chewing Gum

Here are 15 Tasty Mint Cocktails That Beat Chewing Gum, from Cosmopolitan, easy to make, and refreshing as hell. Most cocktails are pretty refreshing, but mint ones really kick up the ~chill~ factor. Grab some fresh herbs and a muddler, and mix things up with these delightfully minty drinks. 1 Cucumber-Mint Cooler   Courtesy In […]


Here are 10 top homemade detox smoothies to cleanse your body; from Top Inspired Smoothies have always been recommended drinking for a healthy lifestyle and especially to those who’d like to lose some weight. However, in the past few years, this healthy drink became such a huge trend – you can get a smoothie in almost […]

10 Cocktail Recipes to Impact your Holiday Party Guests

The Christmas holidays have already started and I’m sure you’ll be the host of at least one for all your friends, so there’s nothing better than preparing yourself with some cocktail recipes that will make you look good with everyone and want you to become their bartender personal. The first thing you need to understand […]