Unique ways to wrap gifts with Kraft Paper

When festivities such as birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas are approaching, you begin to think about the gifts that you must buy and you leave the last wrapper that you will use for this, ending with a generic one that is given to you in the mall that has nothing special for the person you are […]

50+ Adorable and Easy Gift Wrapping Ideas to Surprise your Kids

Here you have 50+ adorable and easy gift wrapping ideas; from Momooze We all know how much kids love receiving gifts, so why not take the joy even further and pack those gifts into something creative and pretty? You don’t need to have a masters degree in DIY to pull these off, all of them are […]


Here you have some ideas from Something Turquoise of how to DIY wedding wine keepsake boxes using a cricut! I’m sharing 3 different techniques below that are made super easy by my Cricut. Seal a special bottle of wine in one of these boxes during your ceremony to open in celebration on your first anniversary! […]

DIY Pumpkin Decor for Those Non-Halloween Lovers

When you think about Halloween you automatically visualize images of pumpkins. The Halloween festival explodes in the stores with many so many orange and black decorations that your house is filled with the joy that comes with dressing up and living the night of witches. But if you’re not a fan of Halloween, it sure […]


Here are 10 diy colorful crafts made with leftover nail polish; from Top Inspired We’re all aware that leftover nail polish can be used in many DIY crafts projects because the many colors can be used to make excellent makeovers and decorations. There are plenty of ways to include leftover nail polish in your homemade […]

10 Creative DIY Mason Jar Crafts For This Spring

Here are 10 creative DIY mason jar crafts for this spring, from Top Inspired:  Mason jars are one of the most loved DIY projects! There are so many ideas to try out and each of them is absolutely beautiful, no matter what’s the occasion or the purpose of the craft. Mason jar crafts are ideal for DIY beginners, they’re budget-friendly […]