10 Fun DIY Origami Projects

Here are 10 fun DIY Origami Projects, from Top Inspired:  The word “origami” comes from “ori” which means “folding” and “kami”  meaning “paper”. This technique originates from Japan and the most famous origami that we all know is a paper crane. However, there are so many figures that we can make with this amazing technique. You can make […]

21 DIY Gift Basket Ideas for Christmas

Here are 21 DIY gift basket ideas for Christmas, from Stay Glam:  Christmas is just around the corner! We know that it can be stressful at this time of year especially when choosing the perfect present. A great idea you could try are gift baskets. You can create gift baskets with any budget and to suit […]

21 Fun and Creative Thanksgiving Crafts

Here are 21 fun and creative Thanksgiving crafts, from Stay Glam: Thanksgiving is a fun occasion where time spent with family and friends is important. So, this thanksgiving why not create some fun crafts. Not only will you get to spend time with the people you care about but you can also make some funky decorations […]