Make your own Artistic Murals to Decorate your Home

Are brushes, paintings and many drawings what is missing from the walls of your home! Don’t you believe it? Many artists have begun to expand the lines of their work taking it to home interiors and the results have been nothing bad. But if you don’t have the money to pay an artist, why don’t […]

How to Transform your Old Jeans Jacket into a New Stylish Piece

If you have been attentive to the latest trends, you will have seen that the jackets have taken off. Whether it’s jeans jackets or leather jackets, they’re part of the latest outfit ideas you’ll find on Instagram. We love to help you to reinvent yourself with style and that is why we have searched for […]

Unique ways to wrap gifts with Kraft Paper

When festivities such as birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas are approaching, you begin to think about the gifts that you must buy and you leave the last wrapper that you will use for this, ending with a generic one that is given to you in the mall that has nothing special for the person you are […]

50+ Adorable and Easy Gift Wrapping Ideas to Surprise your Kids

Here you have 50+ adorable and easy gift wrapping ideas; from Momooze We all know how much kids love receiving gifts, so why not take the joy even further and pack those gifts into something creative and pretty? You don’t need to have a masters degree in DIY to pull these off, all of them are […]


Learn how to DIY painted wooden block centerpiece vases; from Something Turqouise For our fifth DIY flower feature with FiftyFlowers (you might remember our fourth one the Air Plant Embroidery Hoop Favors, also from the baby shower), we’re making these gorgeously rustic wooden block centerpieces! In this post, I’m sharing how to create the wood […]