Give a Perfect Soap Favor That all the Guests Will Love

Give a Perfect Soap Favor That all the Guests Will Love

Let those who have never taken the travel soaps they put in the hotels raise their hands. Ha, all trapped! Those soaps are perfect to have in the bag, take them in emergencies and even some grandmothers would put them as decoration in the bathrooms. Thinking right about this is that you can choose small […]

8 Kitchen Favors For Your Inner Chef

8 Kitchen Favors For Your Inner Chef6

Hosting that all-important kitchen bridal shower? Take the “wow” factor sky-high with our lovely Kitchen Favors For Your Inner Chef selection. We wouldn’t be surprised if you kept one for yourself! As beautiful as the meaning behind them, these items are elegant as a wedding, bridal shower or any kind of party favors; designed for […]

Cheers Up With These Personalized Shot Glasses

Shots away with these Personalized Shot Glasses from Kate Aspen! Choose from nine designs and print your costume name, monogram or wedding date. Or, fill them with votive candles to create custom glass, make a boozy toast or taken home as a keepsake, votive holders and beautiful decorations. Either way, your guests will love these detail favors! Liven […]

Find the Most Unique Favors for the Incredible Travelers Wedding

This time this article isn’t only aimed at bridesmaids or couples, but also for event producers who are always looking for suppliers. If this time your purpose is to decorate a travelers wedding with the most beautiful details, you have made the right stop by reading this article. We have focused everything on wedding favors […]

Rustic Favors & Decor Accessories for a Woody Wedding

If your plans are to take your guests beyond the forest, you should see this article until the end! Our idea will always be “the details make the difference” and that’s why we work and focus on that. Rustic favors or tea lights on the table will add delicate details to the whole set up […]

Find All the Customized Complements for a Nautical Themed Party

It’s very common to see that the themed parties held on the beach or that want to take you to live that experience, are created with blue and red color palettes or under decorative elements such as anchors. Getting those details to unify and look good between them once staged can be complicated. In our […]