Get 6 Smart Ideas To Stretch Your Wedding Budget

If you are getting married this year and want to stretch your wedding budget, it’s gonna be tricky as allocating funds is perhaps one of the hardest things to do and everything seems so important here. Here are some recommendations that you may use to keep your wedding amazing without wasting too much money by […]

Financial Tips for Newlywed Couples

Being one is never the same as being two. And even if love makes you say “yours is mine and mine is yours”, the reality is that as time goes by, the bad management of money in the couple can bring many problems…. some may even end in divorce. It’s necessary that within your new […]

5 Money Issues to Discuss With Your Future Spouse Before the Wedding Day


Many of the articles and posts on the various wedding websites, this site included, discuss and provide helpful information about the money issues involved in planning and having a wedding. But even more important for the bride and groom are the money issues they will inevitably face after the wedding when they become husband and […]