3 Wedding Flowers Trends That Are On Right Now

Here are 3 Wedding Flower Trends That Are On Right Now, from Weddingomania Wedding flowers and foliage are what makes a wedding feel festive and somewhat solemn, and choosing wedding florals or greenery is an indispensable part of wedding decor, everyone has at least some. There are tons of blooms and greenery to choose from […]

Sunflower Bouquets: Summer Wedding Flowers

Here are some sunflower bouquets for summer; from Confetti Add sunshine to your summer wedding with beautiful bright yellow sunflower bouquets. If you’re considering having this gorgeous yellow bloom for your wedding flowers here’s our inspiration on shapes, styles, complementary colours, and how to incorporate sunflowers into the rest of your wedding decor. Whether you’re […]

13 Traditional Christmas Wedding Bouquets

Here are traditional christmas wedding bouquets; from Weddingomania  Getting ready for a Christmas wedding? We have some gorgeous ideas for you! A Christmas bride may need a bouquet that matches the holiday decor and helps embrace the season. We’ve prepared a whole bunch of ideas of beautiful Christmas wedding bouquets, which are sure to make […]

14 Modern Christmas Wedding Bouquets

Here are 14 modern christmas wedding bouquets; from Weddingomania Modern Christmas Bouquets If you want a more modern version of a Christmas wedding bouquet, there are lots of options to go for. For example, you may rock red and hot pink blooms and greenery for a bright statement, or leave any blooms behind and rock […]

Beautiful Autumn Bridal Bouquets for This Season

When you start to feel that breeze in the air and see the changing colors of leaves, you know fall is near. And with it comes a whole new season of wedding trends. It is time to switch to a wedding palette of colorful colors. During this time you have the advantage to be able […]


Here are 30 wedding bouquet ideas for the future bride; from Wedding Forward  Beauty is in the details and your bridal bouquet is one wedding detail that you shouldn’t overlook. As simple as it may seem, a flower bouquet is more than just a bunch of flowers tied together for you to hold for one […]