Becoming Vegan This Year? Check Out These Recipes That Will Help You On The Transition!

Every day there are more people who join Veganism, some out of conviction, others out of curiosity, and they end up liking it, and that is that Veganism, rather than a diet, is a healthy and compassionate lifestyle, which involves all aspects of your life. When you grow up in an omnivorous family, it is […]

Coolest Ways to Serve Drinks for the New Year’s Toast

Get ready for the New Year’s toast for the smiles granted, the happy moments and the new goals that are just beginning. Cheers! If this December 31 you’re the host of a New Year’s Eve dinner or a New Year’s party, you may fail to have some of the snacks or decoration ready but you […]

Homemade Cheese Board, Nice Surprise to your Guests

No one is saved from hosting a small dinner or reunion at home during these holiday months and when we’re in those difficulties to prepare the best but at the same time simple and easy, we get stressed and we can fail. You need to be clear that our reliable weapon for those times is a […]

Get New Christmas Dinner Ideas to Update Your Menu

If you no longer want to prescribe the same baked turkey to your family, make yourself comfortable to enjoy new Christmas dinner ideas. As we said, even we are tired of the same Christmas recipes year after year, why not venture into the kitchen to prepare a different and impressive Christmas menu? Recipes are everywhere […]

Cold Appetizers to Surprise Your Mother in Law This Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is a special family event that we are blessed enough to celebrate every year, but sometimes it puts tons of pressure when you are the one in charge of dinner, and when your in-laws are guests, things can get out of control. It is normal to be a bit nervous when you are […]

5 Easy & Fun Christmas Breakfasts Ideas (Gluten-Free)

Mostly all our attention goes to the Christmas eve dinner, and have some leftovers as breakfast, but not anymore, we got you 5 Easy & Fun Christmas Breakfasts, gluten-free, for you to serve up a delicious holiday breakfast on Christmas morning with these delights. Your family will love them as much as their presents! They […]