Exotic Dishes Around The World. Do You Dare To Try Them?

If you are a fan of travelling, you will agree that an excellent way to connect with a new culture is through their local gastronomy. But are you an adventurous traveler? Would you dare to try some of the most exotic dishes in the world? For some these culinary proposals are not attractive, for others […]

The Best Pairings For Cheese And Wines, To Impress All Your Guests

Cheese, just like wine, is one of the oldest products known, and in turn, there are many theories that revolve around their origin, although all agree in the same “an accident” (yes, like butter).¬†Probably its inventor (without knowing it) was a shepherd, since historically, this delicious and nutritious food appears with the beginning of the […]

Easy ice pops with summer fruits, for the kids!

Moms and dads, it is summer and they will have their children at home for a couple of months, going crazy from now on. Probably one more disturbing thing is to be able to keep them entertained throughout the day without destroying the house, right? One of the things you can create and practice with […]

8 Drinks to Help You Lose Some Extra Weight

To lose weight there is no miraculous diet. It all comes down to a good diet, exercise, but mostly perseverance and willingness on your part to achieve your goals. Everyday life, work demands, family and our social life, don’t always leave us space to take care and to spoil ourselves. That is why, in this […]


If you’re always bored with breakfast, we want to share healthy breakfasts that are quite easy to make and vary the flavors of your palate during the morning. You will not need a lot of ingredients, just try to try it! Change the ingredients that you prefer to make a healthy breakfast perfect for you. […]