3 Delicious Breakfasts you Can Eat at Any Time of the Day

I don’t know who invented the rule that pancakes are for breakfast and meats for dinner but I think they were wrong. There are foods that cannot and shouldn’t be given a time because they are delicious and tasteful at any time. We’re going to share some of the breakfast recipes that you can keep […]

Have a Cooking Time with your Children Creating Homemade-Cookies!

As parents, you must find recreational spaces that manage to share quality moments together with your children and build unforgettable memories. Who still remembers the recipe his grandmother or his mother taught him? *all hands up* We share a recipe for homemade cookies you can make even more fun if you use a cookie cutter […]

5 Romantic Date Night Meals for The Weekend

We like to think that your weekends are to give you a comfortable time at home, with your boyfriend, friends or anyone who makes you a pleasant company. However, it is Sunday and the body knows it, it is necessary to save energy for the following days of the week. Therefore, we have selected easy […]

Learn How To Make Delicious Homemade Momos!

Even though most people think momos are a Chinese dish, they are actually from Nepal, Tibetan food to be precise, and are similar to other famous Asian dishes like “gyozas”, “jiaozis” and “buuz”. Like dumplings, you can eat your momos steamed or fried, with a vegetable filling or meat. It is known that the Dalai […]

Delicious Flatbread Recipes, Perfect For A Weeknight Dinner

A Flatbread is a Mediterranean delicious dish similar to a pizza (but not pizza), it is a piece of bread, that is flat, that most of the time does not include yeast on; in which you can place the toppings that you like the most. The dough can be prepared in advance (for a whole […]

Benefits of Vegan Milk Alternatives And A Couple Of Recipes

Vegetable milk is an excellent option for people who cannot take lactose, follow a vegan/vegetarian diet or simply want to eat healthily. There are many types of vegetable drinks and then you can discover a little of each of them. Vegan or vegetable milk consists of all those drinks that come from a plant, grain […]