10 Different and Easy Recipes for Avocado Lovers

Today we present several cooking ideas for avocado lovers. You can make eating avocados a part of your day to day routine. And here you will learn 10 new ways to include avocados in your meals. We want to teach you how to include avocados in your savory dishes and even in your sweet dishes such […]

10 Quick & Easy Fried Rice Recipes

Here are 10 quick and easy fried rice recipes, from Top Inspired Fried rice is the perfect weekday dinner choice. Simple, healthy and quick! There are only a couple of things you need: a wok, some fresh veggies, some leftover rice, leftover roast meat (optional) and that is about it. Rice is also gluten-free, filling and […]


Here are 10 easy and healthy recipes, from Top Inspired Zucchini noodles, or as they’re also called “zoodles” are a healthier alternative to whole wheat pasta. Many people go after the zucchini noodles because they’re low in carbs and come with more nutrients than the regular pastawe’re used to eating. Many love their taste too, […]

12 Creative Grilled Cheese Recipes You Never Thought Of Until Now

Here are 12 grilled cheese recipes; from Society 19 What’s more satisfying than a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch? How about a grilled cheese sandwich with multiple cheeses? Or chicken shawarma? Or miniaturised and floating around in a tomato soup? All of those are possible as well as many more if you just break down […]


Here are 10 iced tea recipes for this summer; from Top Inspired One of the best ways to spend a hot, summer afternoon is by drinking a cold, fruity iced tea. It’s refreshing, easing to make and budget – friendly. You can experiment with so many flavors that you can try out new recipe anytime you […]

15 Alcoholic Drinks Recipes for Summertime Parties

Here are 15 alcoholic drinks recipes for summertime parties; from Stay Glam Summer time is all about having fun in the sun and a party isn’t a party without a few cocktails!  If you are planning on throwing a house party or have been invited to a house party, these drinks will be perfect for you.  […]