Short Haircuts Up to the Chin Still Trending in 2020

We started the year 2020 leaving the coats and starting to look for new looks to give this new book of life a better face, that includes a new haircut. If you were not one of those who ran to the salon to change the look for the holidays, you’re in time to do it now […]

Sleek Brush Up Man Haircuts, To Keep A Fun And Trendy Look

Many of the most popular haircuts for men are short and weathered cuts on the sides with longer parts and textured hairstyles on the top. And although the best hairstyles for men that we will show you are not completely new styles, the endless variations of the style of these hair trends make them worth […]

Choose an Eye-Catching Ponytail as Wedding Hairstyle

Ponytail hairstyles have always been impressive and exotic in long hair, but now short-haired girls can also wear them if they choose low ponytails. Stylists have developed a lot to ensure that it is not only an extension of hair tied, but a hairstyle that gives volume and style. It’s not so common to see […]

Get Ideas for your Deserved Christmas Hair Transformation

The brightest season has arrived and you deserve to live up to all the upcoming parties and celebrations! Christmas is the last month you have to take care of yourself and give you that transformation you deserve. There would be no better point to start with than a Christmas hair transformation that will leave you […]

Show Off your Christmas Hair these Holidays!

Have you thought about how you are going to style your hair this Christmas? Because we have thought about all the girls who read us, then we collect ideas on how to wear your Christmas hair in simple ways and others a little more elaborate. These ideas can be retaken on dinner days or holidays […]

The Shoulder Length Look is the Perfect Haircut on Trend

For the following months there is not much to say about trends in haircuts. A single look is taking over the hair of many women. It is a #backtobasic trend and never goes out of style. This haircut benefits all women and is an ideal length if you don’t want to stay in tedious fights […]