18 Easy Braids for Short Hair


Here are 18 easy braids for short hair, from Short-Haircut:  Most of you may think that only long hair can be braided, but actually, so can short hair! There are many ways you can braid your short hair. That’s why we want to give you 18 ideas of braids for your short hair! A messy braid crown will […]

23 New Cute Hairstyles for Short Hair

Here are 23 new cute hairstyles for short hair, from Short-Haircut:  When summer comes, you will find it hard to bear your long hair due to the difficulty of its maintenance. Most of the people tend to turn to choose a short hairstyle, which will make them look cool and luscious. We have collected the cutest and newest […]

Balayage and Highlighted Long Hairstyles

Here are balayage and highlighted long hairstyles, from Long-Hairstyles: It has not been too long since the Balayage hairstyles came into existence. However, its fame has already surpassed other hairstyles in terms of craze among the ladies with long hair. In case, you are new to the term balayage hair, it’s a way of highlighting your hair with some […]

18 Best Rihanna Short Hairstyles

Here are 18 of the best Rihanna short hairstyles, from Short-Haircut: Everyone knows who Rihanna is. We agree that Rihanna is not only a talented singer, but also a trendsetter. She becomes a center of fashion and we can’t stop following what she wears and what she does. Besides clothing, Rihanna’s hairstyle becomes a ‘guidance’ for […]

18 Ombre Hairstyles for Short Hair

Here are 18 ombre hairstyles for short hair, from Short-Haircut:  Ombre is ‘a thing’ right now. Ombre is graduating from light to dark color. Everyone has been talking about it and it becomes a trend hair dye this year. This trend is applied not only for long hair but also for short hair. That is why we […]

23 Short Trendy Hairstyles

Here are 23 short trendy hairstyles, from Short-Haircut:  Short hair gives you a playful and carefree look. Moreover, it will be easier to manage short haircut rather than long hair. If you want to have short hair and need an inspiration about what kind of hairstyle will for you, we gladly provide you 23 short trendy hairstyles you can take a look! […]