Unicorn Hair Color Ideas You Need To Try

Here are 11 unicorn hair color ideas you need to try; from Stay Glam  Scroll down to view these unicorn hair color ideas. 1. PINK PRINCESS UNICORN HAIR First, we have a pink princess hair idea. The hair starts off dark pink then blends into peachy and light pink shades. We can imagine many unicorns rocking […]


Here are 28 hairstyles for black women with long hair; from Long Hairstyless Finding the right look is difficult only if you are a novice in the modern world of fashion as there are hundreds of styles. When it comes to black women they too have a huge collection of hairstyles. If they have long […]

Stunning Crochet Box Braids Hairstyles

Here are 15 stunning crochet box braids hairstyles; from Stay Glam  Scroll down to see these crochet box braids hairstyles. 1. BIG BLUE BOX BRAIDS Earlier in the post we featured a blue braided hairstyle. If you loved that idea, you may like this one too! The hair has been styled into thick box braids […]

Crochet Box Braids Hairstyles for Black Women

Here are 10 crochet box braids hairstyles for black women; from Stay Glam Crochet box braids have become a must-have protective style. These braids are faster and easier to apply and you get a stylish look every time! So, if you are looking for a new braided style, these box braids could be perfect. To […]