5 Ways to Get the Groom Involved That Won’t Feel Like Torture


Photo: Getty Images It’s become almost a given that most grooms are not that interested in the details of wedding planning. But today we have 5 ways for you to get your groom involved that won’t feel like torture. Dont’ underestimate your groom’s interest in your wedding details. Just because your groom exhibits a general […]

Everything You Need To Know About Being An Awesome Best Man: An Infographic


  Today we have an excellent infographic for everything you need to know about being an awesome best man. The best man, typically a relative or good friend of the groom, organizes things such as the bachelor party in addition to providing moral support to the groom. As a group there are certain roles and responsibilities […]

What Really Happens at the Bachelor Party?


Photo: Warner Bros/Courtesy of Neal Peters Collection The general perception is that bachelor parties are alcohol-fueled nights of general rowdiness and strippers. Recently, however, the “traditional” bachelor party has been changing to activities such as camping or fishing trips with friends, pizza contests, football, basketball or other games, poker, or barbecues. Whatever the activities, many […]

Diamond wedding rings for men: A brilliant trend


Diamond wedding rings for men are a brilliant new trend. It was well known that actor Johnny Depp had given a gorgeous engagement ring to his fiancee, actress Amber Heard. But it was a total surprise when Johnny Depp displayed his own diamond engagement ring when he appeared on David Letterman’s show earlier this year. So diamond wedding rings […]

This Groom Will Wear the Comfiest Tux Ever


Lululemon By: Ivy Jacobson With information about wedding attire focused almost exclusively on brides, wedding attire for grooms gets relatively little attention. Other than a few articles about bow ties for grooms or wedding bouutonnieres for grooms, there is not much on the web about wedding attire for grooms. The traditional wedding attire is a gown for the […]

Creative Groomsmen Wedding Photo Ideas And Poses


This is the second in our series of “Creative Wedding Photo Ideas And Poses”.  The first was Creative Bridesmaid Wedding Photo Ideas And Poses. Today, we turn to your groomsmen for some creative wedding photo ideas and poses. Many times wedding photos can be cheesy and unoriginal.  But if you want wedding photos that look and feel […]