Check out these 15 creative boutonnieres for the unique room; from Something Turquoise Since most of our round-ups are geared toward the bride, it’s fun to share some ideas that are just for the groom. As a wedding professional who works with couples day in and day out, decisions are often left up to the […]

Do You Need the Same Number of Bridesmaids and Groomsmen?

From Woman Getting Married, Do You Need the Same Number of Bridesmaids and Groomsmen?, for you to check out! Q: I have a pretty close group of girlfriends, and I really, really, want to have all 6 of them be a bridesmaid in my wedding. The problem is my groom only has about 3 people he […]

25 Edgy Floral Groom’s Suits You Gonna Love

Here are 25 edgy floral groom’s suits; from Weddingomania Floral attire and accessories are extremely trendy for groom’s look, and if last year we mostly saw floral ties and sometimes shirts, this year is all about amazing floral suits. This isn’t only for LGBT grooms, all the grooms should feel free to rock such trendy […]

25 Groomslady And Bridesman Attire Ideas To Rock

Here are 25 groomslady and bridesman attire ideas to rock; from Weddingomania Gender neutral bridal and groom’s parties are very popular and are going to be a hot trend this year. If you are a groom who has some groomswomen in his party, what attire to offer to them? If you have only ladies in […]

Classic City Wedding Looks: BHLDN Wedding Dresses and The Black Tux

Here are some classic city wedding looks; from MOD Wedding Consider you and your bridal party dressed for your city soiree! This brand combination brings you classic city style: BHLDN wedding dresses and groom attire from The Black Tux. From unique gowns with sophisticated flair to tuxedos with impeccable details, prepare to look picture-perfect with you […]

Groom Tie Guide: 5 Tips And 25 Examples

Here are 5 tips for grooms about ties and 25 examples; from Weddingomania Most grooms today wear a tie, and if you are going to pull off one, this guide is for you. Here we’ll tell you how to choose a proper style, fabric, colors and much more. Let’s start! Colors Choose the color of […]